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Who Should Do It? . . .

Posted On September 5th, 2017 By lbucklin

Natural Content Management Ownership

Visiting a customer the other day, I observed an Operations Manager spending a good bit of time making changes to their corporate signage system.

The changes being made were minor and occurred daily. This is a good example of where “down-line” content management is needed.  When something changes regularly and it really doesn’t have to go through a hefty approval process then it can be delegated to someone other than the Grand Poobah administrator.

A “Welcome to the building Mr. Smith” lobby message is a good example. There are many others too.  Down-line content management can be as simple as opening and editing a spreadsheet or text file.  Anyone with access to this file can then effect changes to the sign without changing any other content.

TIP:  Give UP Control!

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