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Manufacturing Communications with Digital Signage

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Today's manufacturing companies face several challenging obstacles in their question to become factories of the future. Engaging and keeping their team members, deciding on and creating buy-in for innovation, and forging operational excellence ae components that manufacturing must meet to reach success.

Company leaders must find cost-effective ways to efficiently overcome these obstacles. They are turning increasingly to digital signage software as a solution. By implementing digital signage on their production floors, manufacturing communications are stronger than with traditional methods. And with good reason. Company-shared information via digital signage is more accessible to everyone, which creates a transparent, well-informed, and inclusive workplace.

Many benefits result in using digital signage for manufacturing communications. Such an environment increases employee morale and engagement, ramps up productivity, and strengthens the company's culture.

Information that can be communicated via digital signage

This list is some of the most common communications digital signage helps manufacturing

facilities handle. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Company vision. It's vital that every employee is on the "same page" working toward a common goal. Digital signage is a vehicle that provides facilities a way to showcase the company mission, purpose, and core values. If employees focus on the company vision, they feel they are part of something bigger than their individual tasks. This increases morale and engagement, resulting in a happier, more fulfilled team.
  • Awards and accolades. Announcements about both the company and its employees winning external awards and internal contests are popular pieces of information. By fostering a sense of company pride, team members connect more closely with company initiatives and feel like their efforts make a difference.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs). Digital signage software can share data in almost real- time. This benefits both employers and their employees in keeping everyone informed on the company's health and the performance of its top priorities. Digital displays allow this data to be communicated in colorful, visually pleasing charts and graphs that are easy to ready and absorb quickly.
  • Training opportunities. One of the biggest reasons younger workers choose one job over another (if the pay, working hours, and benefits packages are the same) is the ongoing training offers.

Take Full Advantage of Data

Data-driven decisions are more accurate and thorough than other types of decision-making. Manufacturing facilities gather a myriad of data from different sources. Digital signage software provides a way for companies to display and share important, timely data, so it's always fresh and accessible.

  • Relevant data drives change. By displaying relevant data across digital signage displays, data is delivered faster than if companies wait on analysts to interpret the information. Some examples of data that should be displayed are inventory levels, KPIs, and shipping and receiving schedules. Sharing this data helps companies with their agility and assists them in managing their growth.
  • Integrate digital signage with production software. Seamless manufacturing communications means that all the tools being used need to "talk to" each other. Choose digital signage software that integrates with your production management platform. These integrations provide powerful solutions to quickly getting relevant data directly to the people who need access to it.
  • Real-time schedule management. Updating information and using it for flexible decision- making is one of the best ways of letting digital signage drive manufacturing communications. Managing line metrics and managing tasks build efficient workflows and increases productivity across the board.

Optimize Your Operations

Digital signage software offers manufacturing facilities many benefits, with a big one being its ability to help drive productivity by displaying data. Because of the large number of employees who work on the factory floor instead of in front of computers or by phones, digital signage is one of the easiest ways to communicate data. Data-driven applications shared in almost real-time with employees help forge greater productivity, resulting in more profits for the company.

  • Showcase views on progress. Staying apprised of company goals is key in reaching them. By sharing the progress being made, and what's still left to do, companies can keep everyone focused on the big picture. Digital signage allows managers to know their employees understand what they should be doing and how they are performing.
  • Resolve problems quicker. Being able to sort through data quickly and spot trends helps manufacturing organizations address issues that may be slowing down productivity faster. This takes care of lag times that could have been more drawn out and damaging otherwise.
  • Identify machine patterns. Using digital signage software for manufacturing communications can help avoid costly downtime.
  • Provide "20/20 vision" accountability. Real-time data is critical, but so is long-range organizational planning. Pinpointing issues, snags, and slowdowns, figuring out what caused them, and putting a plan in place for rectifying them increases the efficiency of the entire process. Plus, it mitigates having to deal with those issues again.

Attract Job Seekers/Keep Employees

As we mentioned above, manufacturing facilities face communication challenges that aren't felt in industries where most employees are at a desk.

Using digital signage for manufacturing communications allow the company to:

  • Increase communication. A common complaint from employees is lack of communication, which can lead to disengagement and low morale. Digital signage gives companies a dynamic way to share all types of information with team members, without them having to lift a finger to access it.
  • Promote equity and inclusion. Digital signage can share messaging in different languages and be programmed to address employees who have disabilities. This ensures everyone is included.
  • Post open jobs. Some of the best new hires could come from employee referrals. Periodically sharing open positions can get the entire team involved in recruiting talent.
  • Share 401K and retirement plan information. HR can talk about important deadlines and new changes affecting retirement and other important aspects of employees' benefits packages. By sharing via digital signage, you can be sure it won't get buried in email.

Highlight Innovation

Sharing company news, new products, a technology investment, and other cutting-edge plans or initiatives can whip up excitement among employees. These efforts build the company's brand AND fosters employee pride at the same time.

The benefits for using digital signage software for manufacturing communications seem almost endless. It's a unique technology solution to the ongoing challenging of keeping employees that don't work at a desk informed and in the loop of company happenings.