Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality and Property Management:

Utilizing the latest digital signage technologies, event planners and property managers can keep visitors, residents and employees updated with activities, city points of interest, transportation, shopping, restaurants, and other information such as property maintenance, news, social media, weather, and safety.

Digital Signage Displays, Video Walls, Interactive Displays/Kiosks, Employee Desktop and Mobile Devices.

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Our Implementation Services

ConnectedSign specializes in digital signage applications for the hospitality industry. Our team is experienced with leveraging content from multiple data systems and ensuring security protocols are in place. We configure your digital signage applications, incorporating visual assets, content, and data. We set up, test, and label player devices ensuring everything will work smoothly once it arrives at your location. Utilizing one platform, with enterprise governance, you can easily manage a visual communications network that supports digital displays, video walls, interactive kiosks, wayfinding directories, employee desktop and mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Capture your visitors’ attention and strengthen your brand with unique and interactive digital lobby experiences.
  • Welcome visitors with a customized message and provide them with information about your property every step of the way.
  • Help guests and visitors find their way with live directories, interactive maps and wayfinding tools.
  • Highlight your onsite amenities and inform guests of current promotions to add value and drive revenue to your restaurants and gift shop.
  • Communicate with your employees about critical guest information as well as pertinent company information, reinforcing company values and recognizing top performers.

Software Components

With an easy-to-use interface and advanced feature-set, you will have the power to communicate better than ever.

  • Authoring & Contribution

    Allow users from every level or your organization to contribute content while applying the level of access your security standards require.

  • Scheduling & Publishing

    Easily create playlists that allow you to schedule and publish content targeted to audiences based on their role, department, location, specific days, and times.

  • Library & Templates

    Choose from ConnectedSign’s library of pre-existing templates to engage your teams with Employee Recognition, Special Announcements, Health, Safety, Trivia, and more. Or you can simply create your own templates.

  • Integrations

    Connect your teams with the third-party data sources they use most to drive operational efficiency and performance. The platform supports key business systems such as Office 365, MS Teams, Power BI, Tableau, SQL, SharePoint, Google docs, SAP, Azure, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, and other industry-specific management software.

  • Interactivity

    Use built-in touchscreen functionality to give end-user better access to the information they need.

  • QR Codes

    Creating QR codes is a great way to streamline the user experience and provide customers with the information they need quickly. By scanning a QR code, customers can go to landing pages, access wayfinding maps, check-in at events, and more.

  • Device Management

    As your network scales, you can remotely license, manage, and monitor players. Troubleshooting is simplified with a centralized view of deployed devices and the ability to take real-time screenshots.

Working with ConnectedSign

ConnectedSign is a long-term engagement partner. Our digital signage specialists are here to assist you every step of the way from the initial install to ongoing support ensuring a successful deployment.


  • Guided technical implementation
  • Content strategy and execution plans
  • Deployment launch
  • Training

Long-term Success:

  • Future planning
  • Technical support
  • Content management and creative support
  • Quarterly business reviews

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Event, Hospitality & Public Spaces Signage FAQs

Communicating and engaging with the public has traditionally been challenging. Signs, loudspeaker announcements, and live people have been used, and all have had varying degrees of success. That's why digital signage is such an important tool for public spaces. If you are targeting an audience in a public space, here are some top ways to put digital signage to work for you. 

A one-stop shop. Use digital signage to communicate with your entire audience, from clients to vendors to staff to patients. That way everyone gets the same message at the same time.

Wayfinding. Making it possible for students, visitors, and patients to easily find and get to where they're going increases their overall user experience. Digital signage is a cost-effective way for schools, sporting arenas, attractions, hospitals, and public transit to accomplish this. 

Emergency information. If a tornado is blowing in, there's a fire, or there's a big wreck on the nearby interstate, both employees and visitors need to know. Digital signage content can be changed quickly to make sure everyone is apprised of the situation and knows how to proceed. 

Safety protocols. This has been on display all over the place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Notices to social distance and wear a mask are two of the many safety messages digital signage can offer in public spaces. Digital signage is especially helpful when the recommendations and requirements change rapidly. 

Sales and promotional announcements. Sales and discounts can be touted via digital signage. This is an easy way to increase revenue and maximize per-customer spending for your company. 

Area information. The weather temperature forecast, traffic information, and other alerts are easily communicated from digital signage to your audience.