Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

Digital Signage Solutions Designed for Utility Companies:

Mission critical, real-time data is essential to utility providers. Utilizing one digital signage platform with enterprise governance, you can securely publish targeted content to on-site and remote employees.

Automatically link to and display metric & KPI data from sources such as Office 365, MS Teams, Power BI, Tableau, SQL, SharePoint, Google docs, SAP, and other industry-specific management software.

Digital Signage Dashboards, Video Walls, Wayfinding Directories, Interactive Displays/Kiosks, Employee Desktop and Mobile Devices.

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Our Implementation Services

What makes digital signage a powerful communications tool is the ability to link to data sources and display real-time information so your teams can identify trends, issues, uncover new insights and fine-tune operations to meet business goals.

ConnectedSign's team works with each client to implement digital signage solutions designed for each industries communication needs. Utilizing one platform, with enterprise governance, you can easily manage a visual communications network that supports digital signage KPI dashboards, video walls, kiosks, wayfinding directories, employee desktops and mobile devices.

  • Health & Safety Information designed to reinforce safety procedures
  • KPI Data and other real time metrics
  • Wayfinding and Interactive Directories
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events

Manage with Ease

At ConnectedSign we offer solutions that allow team members to add content to a SharePoint drive or take data from other industry specific systems and display critical metrics. We also offer a library of digital signage safety content designed to keep your workforce safe. The software integrations and configurations are abundant and the ability to improve your company’s communications and response times keeps everyone safe.

Software Highlights

With an easy-to-use interface and advanced feature-set, you will have the power to communicate better than ever.

  • Scalable

    Use one software platform to manage as many digital signage applications as you need—across as many screens as you have.

  • User workflow

    Enable multiple people and departments to contribute and edit content, ensuring only relevant information displays on your screens.

  • Ease of use

    A drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.

  • Content

    Get access to hundreds of configurable apps, templates, plugins and content pieces that make it easy to customize your network.

  • Multiple platform support

    Our software supports multiple player devices, including IOS, BrightSign and Windows, making it easier to display your content.

  • Interactivity

    Built-in touchscreen functionality allows users to create items like interactive directories, wayfinding experiences, multipage functionality and more.

Key Software Features & Integrations

Our software can connect to many endpoints to visually stream and showcase your information on your display(s). Check out some of our top key features and integrations below.

  • Live Data Sources like SQL and SAP
  • Microsoft Sources like Teams and SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • All Social Media
  • Localized Weather
  • Stock Market Data
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Vast Library of Ready-To-Go in 34 Categories
  • Traffic Feeds
  • Fully Managed Content Feeds
  • Safety Feeds

Popular Digital Signage Applications

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With our firm belief to walk with our customers every step of the way, we are trusted by great customers such as Exelon, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Lancaster County Waste Management, Santee Cooper, Unison EC, and many more.

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Energy & Utility FAQs

If your company operates in the digital space, being able to communicate effectively with on-site and on-the-road employees is crucial. As a scalable solution, digital signage can be run from a single platform. Utility company digital signage software serves utility companies well in several ways.

Safety reminders. Powerful winter snowstorms and icy conditions, and dangerous summer tornadoes and hurricanes can pose big problems for utility companies and their customers. Dangerous situations abound during these times. Workers handling downed power lines, often in the dark, need to be aware of the safety procedures, and digital signage software makes that possible. From proper lifting to maintaining focus to road safety to wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), digital signage can convey the message quickly effectively.

Customer service. Frustrated customers are challenging, especially when you're trying to do your job and have been on call for twenty-four hours or longer. Showing ways to handle customer questions, how to use de-escalation tactics when needed, and dealing with unhappy or frustrated customers can be handled with content shared via digital signage. This is especially important when workers are in public trying to repair electricity to people in the middle of winter or summer storms, when tensions run high.

Health and wellness. It helps motivation and morale to know the company who employs you cares about your wellbeing. Workers who manage their stress levels, eat right, and exercise are more effective, valuable employees. Utility company digital signage reiterates the importance of employee self-care with content, health reminders, and even exercise and recipe videos.