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Welcome to the Future of Digital Signage

Posted On November 9th, 2014 By mdoran

Virtual Touch Interface

We truly live in a golden age of technology.  Every year, electronic devices keep getting thinner, smarter and faster. Your refrigerator, dishwasher and many of the other appliances in your house will soon be hooked up to the Internet. Your watch is already telling you who’s calling before you take your smartphone out of your pocket.  So what will they think of next?

Fooling the Senses

What about an interactive user interface that floats in mid-air.  Forget about touch-screens, because this is way cooler.  A lab in Japan is working on a system that projects a holographic user interface, essentially a virtual keypad or any other type of control, right in front of you.

Now, you may say that’s already been done but this is different.  Traditional holographic projections are simply projected images that give the illusion of depth.  In this case you can sense the buttons as you touch them.  The virtual keypad actually feels solid.  In order to replicate the sensation of touching a surface, researchers use a series of highly focused ultrasounds that track your fingertips so when you “touch” a virtual button, the system fires back a an ultrasonic pulse that gives the impression of touching something solid.  The system is called “HaptoMime”.

This is still at the proof of concept stage but it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way to mass-produce it, and then the fun really starts.

Think of the applications…

  • The lack of a physical surface means there is no chance of transmitting germs making this system ideal for hospitals, airports or public spaces.
  • No physical display means less chance of vandalism or accidental breakage.
  • User interfaces can take on any shape or size.  We are no longer limited to what’s currently possible with flat panel displays.

Here is a link to articles and videos that describe the holographic user interface system.

Get Interactive Signage Now

Interactive digital signage is already here, and can be used for things like digital wayfinding map systems, concierge services like interactive menus for hotels and hospitality venues, and customizable news and weather interfaces and information systems.

Talk to the digital signage experts at Connected Sign about interactive signage today.

Welcome to the future indeed!

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