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Restaurant Digital Signage holds the key to your future….

Posted On August 2nd, 2010 By Brigitte Bucklin

In continuance to our earlier blog submission of the signage transformation in restaurants from paper to digital, this follow-up outlines the major benefits that should be taken under consideration….

Overall, Digital Signage is a restaurant owner’s best solution when it comes to the menu board display (amongst other things). Regardless of what day or what time it is, the content of the sign can be changed immediately. Many locations can be updated and managed from one location. Not only can the user go in and make instant changes, but database integration can be used to update the information displayed automatically.

Not only is a Digital Signage menu board far more technologically advanced than your everyday paper sign but the functionality is increase, and the options are boundless. The screen itself can be partitioned into several sections that can change according to the time and day. For example the menu board is able to display breakfast options in the morning and dinner options in the evening. Paper signs prove to be useless when matched against the chameleon of all signs; Digital Signage menu boards.

The choice should be clear-whether to go paper or digital. Save a few thousand trees, and promote your restaurant with grasping images and a never-ending pool of constantly changing information.

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