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Get A Process!

Posted On October 18th, 2010 By lbucklin

For Digital Signage to be truly useful and attention-getting, it needs to be fed fresh content.

As viewers, we will tune out displays that are not updated with some regularity.  Even the most creative and clever content will become boring after a short time.  Think about those real funny advertisements you occasionally see on Broadcast television.  After a week you can’t stand them anymore.

So how do you manage to keep fresh content coming onto the screens without taking up a huge amount of your valuable time?  The answer is to off-load some responsibilities.  Create a content submission process, document it and have others invited to participate.

It doesn’t matter what the displays function is.  If others have the ability and understand what is required, they can generate and submit fresh content to the Content Manager on a regular basis. 

TIP:   Think Tom Sawyer!
Invite content submissions from multiple resources within your organization.

For more information on Content Management, Click Here.

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