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Digital Signage Saves Lives On the Road

Posted On June 30th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

samsung safety truc

With traffic accidents in Argentina leading to about one death per minute, road safety is becoming an increasing concern.  Many single-lane highways are leading to deaths as drivers try to undertake semitrailer trucks without a clear view of oncoming traffic.

Recently Samsung launched its new “safety truck” which featured two video wall mounts on the back of trucks with a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck. The camera would then have a live feed of the oncoming traffic from the front of the truck streaming to the video displays on the back of the truck.  Travelers behind the truck would be able to clearly see oncoming traffic and when safe, could pass the truck.

The safety trucks seemed to be received well by Argentinians, but a major reason why the project has not developed further is because of the costs of the screens.  To help cover the cost of the screens, some are hopeful that static or dynamic third-party advertisements could be developed for the screens that wouldn’t distract the drivers.

Who knows how advanced technologies will save lives in the future.  It’s hopeful to think that people are not only using screens to inform and entertain, but now they’re also using digital signage to save lives.

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