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Hardware Refreshes! Signage Players are PCs too.

Posted On August 23rd, 2017 By Ryan Shaut

Everyone has had to use that old PC either at home or at work that was well past its prime. Everyone also agrees that was a painful experience filled with slowness, freezes and frustration. Continue reading to see what you can do to prevent this from happening to your digital signage using a common IT process called hardware refresh.

Why do Signage PCs need a Hardware Refresh?

Content Player PCs need the same type of regular maintenance that your primary workstations do. Your signage is likely running on a Windows based computer. And just like any Windows PC, it can accumulate extra files and other Windows bloat. The hardware that is running inside your signage player also has the same fate. As computer hardware ages, it slows down, freezes and looses efficiency. Similarly, you’ll want to add your Content Player hardware to your standard IT hardware refresh schedule.

What is a Hardware Refresh?

In most organizations, all of your IT related hardware has a schedule lifetime. Your main PCs, printers, servers and other network infrastructure is periodically replaced with newer models with new warranties. Using old, out-of-warranty hardware puts your business at risk. Old hardware might mean that you are running older software that is missing critical system and security patches.  It could also mean that your physical hardware is running older processors, hard drives and other internals. Computer hardware is constantly being outdated by newer versions that are faster and less power-hungry. Old hard drives can also be a culprit for corrupt business critical data.



Reach out to your IT teams and find out what they have planned for your digital signage players. They can provide details about when you should expect to purchase new hardware or new software for your players.


Fun fact. One of the more recent malware attacks that made major news headlines, called Wannacry, was the first patch for Windows XP and Server 2003 in almost 8 years!! Source.

Need Assistance?

ConnectedSign is always available to assist in hardware and software refreshes, whether that is to provide remote support, on-site support, or consult with your own IT staff. ConnectedSign wants your digital signage system to work for you! You can contact us for support at the here.

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