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Content Manager 5.3 Tips & Tricks

Posted On April 27th, 2017 By Ryan Shaut

Not all change logs are created equal and sometimes new features are not always listed. Here are a few undocumented tips and tricks that you can use to manage your signage and create new content even faster. Here are a few great hidden Content Manager tips and tricks!


1 Delay New Deployments
Right click on a deployment area and shift + left click deploy. You can choose between deploying immediately (like a basic deployment), when current content in sequence region finishes, when a complete sign playlist finishes, OR at a specific time. This allows you to send deployments during the day, but without interrupting any users that are viewing the sign. You can schedule deployments to take effect at 2 am when the sign is off, or have it pick up as soon as the current content is finished which leads to a smooth transition to the new content.

Content Manager Tips and Tricks - Advanced Deployment Menu

2.Copy/Paste Formatting Options
When in any layout editor, you can right click on a data field and select copy format. Repeating the process and selecting paste format to copy text and other formatting options. This will transfer everything about the font including color, spacing, size, font face and many other formatting properties.


3. Use variables to save time
Variables are not just for power users. They also aren’t just for text comparisons or content play triggers. You can use variables for color values, text formats and as a built in mini xml file. This lets you set global values for items, such as a company approved font face or company primary color. This offers 2 benefits. It allows you to lock in values (combine this with tip #4 for a great workflow) and to changes multiple players, templates or content items by changing it at one higher level. Variables can be accessed at any level in the Network Overview by right clicking and selecting variables. Right click on the Value field and select Font, Color, or Table. The Table option gives you a source for live data without needing to rely on any external data sources.


4. Use Default Values for New Content Items
New in 5.3 under Database Settings on the Content tab. You can now set default values for every field in a Content Properties windows. This gives you the option to set the default values for any new content that you add. You can specify values by content and this doesn’t affect any current content, even if it uses the default values. Clients use this most for changing default deployment behaviors and default durations.


5. Copy/Move Templates and Content Items between Players in the Network Overview
You can move templates and content between players by right clicking and dragging items in the Network Overview. You have the option to move or copy items to the new location. This is especially helpful if you need to duplicate a complex build between 2 players.

Content Manage Tips and Tricks - Easily Copy/Paste Content between Signs

6. Use a playlist to easily duplicate content between signs
Templates and content can be added to a playlist just like a player. A playlist isn’t associated with a specific IP address or deployment ID instead playlists get played on every player within the same location. This lets you build one sign and have it play on several players. Playlists can play before or after a player’s scheduled content, play only if the player is empty, or override the player’s content. This can be used to include a corporate template in your signs, but allowing local sites the freedom to completely customize their own signage.

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