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5 Signs Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Posted On June 16th, 2017 By Brigitte Bucklin

If you’re inundated with data and considering whether you need Digital Signage to improve the way you communicate within your business or organization, this blog could help.  Many businesses continue to rely on inadequate communication sources because they’re not sure how or why Digital Signage solutions deliver value.

In this blog, we’ll look at the ways Digital Signage can help your business – and when it’s time for you to implement a Digital Signage solution.

First let’s clarify what Digital Signage is about.  Most of us have seen samplings of digital billboards in shopping areas and in companies that basically run static content with no real user value, so therefore, no ROI (Return on Investment).  However, when utilized correctly, Digital Signage is so much more and simply gives you a communications vehicle that transforms your raw data into something meaningful.

It’s probably more helpful to explain why Digital Signage is needed.  Most organizations these days realize they have lots of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) data at their fingertips – sales, marketing, accounting, production, logistical, human resources and more.

There’s an abundance of information that can be used to give management and others within your organization a better picture of what’s happening with the business and you can use the data to help make better business decisions in real-time.  Imagine what it would be like if you had a magical wall that could help you predict financial or sales performance, that could give you an insight into the industry as a whole – and show you what your competitors are up to.  Well, Digital Signage is not quite a magical wall, but you can use Digital Dashboards and Video Walls as a window to the world of KPI data to forecast what could happen in the future – supporting your strategic business plan by aligning it to what’s happening in the real world, right now.

Let’s look at the 5 signs that indicate that your business is ready for Digital Signage.

  1. You have lots of information – but no method of pulling key analytical data from the internal systems already in place, organizing and exporting that content quickly to management teams, departments and facilities across your enterprise.  Sound familiar?  There’s no point in having all that wonderful data if you’re not gaining any value from it.   The power of Digital Signage is that it allows you to link to your data sources and display the information on monitors so you can identify trends and issues, uncover new insights and fine-tune operations to meet business goals. The ability to display and visualize your data in real-time, anyplace, anywhere is what makes Digital Signage a valuable and essential tool.


  1. IT stands between you, Digital Signage, and other new technology. IT departments have changed in recent years.  Long gone are the days of maintaining basic desktops, printers and fax machines.  In today’s virtual world, IT departments are big on security and maintaining the integrity of the company’s network.  The IT department may also maintain your CRM system, SQL and other databases.  If this is the case, getting essential reports from the IT department can become a task.   A Digital Signage system that has the ability to link to and display data built into the software’s infrastructure will allow you to bypass the IT department and become the masters of your own departmental data – allowing you and other management teams access to the reports you need to analyze and meet business goals.


  1. You’re still relying on PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets.   One of the main problems companies experience is hitting the PowerPoint and Excel scalability wall. PowerPoint and Excel are often used as the lifeblood of a company’s reporting needs, but it can become sluggish when reports contain more data than PowerPoint and Excel were designed to handle.  Again, Digital Signage software can help.  Digital Signage software that is PowerPoint compatible and can read and display Excel spreadsheets will make your information visual.


  1. You have KPI data from different sources. We have a touch-it-once philosophy in Digital Signage.  Does your organization have large amounts of KPI data within your systems, but are still running different reports?  Sorting through data and displaying information in an organized and meaningful way can be a complex task; often users only gain a fraction of the insight they should from the information.  Digital Signage gives you the ability to visualize your information from many different data sources and display this data to different departments and locations quickly and easily.


  1. Employee Communications. Still using posters, VHS cassettes, CDs and other dated sources to communicate and train employees?  Companies have lots of insurance, safety and other information to deliver to their employees.  If you’re still relying on posters, dusty bulletin boards and email, you’re not communicating efficiently.  If you want to ensure your staff is getting company announcements in a timely manner, it’s time to implement Workforce Communications Dashboards.  They serve as a great resource for keeping employees informed with company polices, news, safety protocols, training, and more.  Additionally, Digital Signage supports multiple languages.


In conclusion

In a technology driven world, organizations need to react to current business and global conditions in real-time.  Visual communications can help you shift from running business on intuition, to running it with intelligence. If you recognize any of the above pain points, it’s time to investigate how Digital Signage can help transform your data into visual information. When you do decide to invest in Digital Signage software, make sure your organization consults with a provider who offers a software solution that goes beyond static graphics, video and scrolling banners.  Investing in Digital Signage software with an infrastructure that natively allows you to link to your live data sources, supports interactivity and other dynamic content, will not only fulfill your communication needs today, but will allow you to expand as your organization’s KPI data grows.

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