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Why Wait?

Posted On June 23rd, 2015 By Muriel Rus


Sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office is an experience with which everyone can relate.  Looking around, you’ll see a stack of random culinary magazines, a few outdated health brochures, and your neighbor staring off into space.  This experience is mundane at best, and often feels like a waste of time…but it doesn’t have to be boring…

With effective visual communication, waiting room experiences can be transformed to a positive and enjoyable one as patients can be informed of:

1.)    Updated Office Procedures: Patients can be informed of new and updated insurance or policy changes and how they could be directly affected.

2.)    Weather related Health Concerns: If it’s summertime, digital signage can address the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.  If it’s winter, maybe you’re wondering if you need a flu shot.  Information like this can be posted and changed easily depending on the weather.

3.)    Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle: Fun facts can be displayed for new discoveries on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What does the food guide pyramid even look like these days?

4.)    Cutting-Edge Medical Procedures: New medical procedures such as 3D printing and organ transplant advancements are increasingly interesting and important for the development of the medical world. Medical shows can be streamed lived to these digital signs and widely inform viewers of cutting-edge medical technologies.

These sources of information will all lead to improved waiting room experiences for patients.  Digital Signage not only gets rid of old brochures with outdated information, but it does it in a beautiful and informative way!


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