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Ways to Win! Using Digital Signage at Conferences

Posted On February 25th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

So, you are going to be an exhibitor at a large convention? …Job Fair? …Trade Show?  Got your trifold cardboard display ready?  How about the small laptop slideshow?  Do better than that!

Give your exhibit booth that extra attention – take along the interactive display that runs the interactive digital software.  Heighten user engagement and add excitement!  Strengthen your exhibit presence.

Increase presence at your exhibitor booth with INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SIGNAGE!

  1. 1.) Shows videos that demonstrates products – leaves the presenter free to talk with interested observers
  2. 2.) Real time data automatically updates products and inventory without someone having to update the sign
  3. 3.) Interactivity on your signage allows for a game or quiz that could lead the observers to a prize – thus strengthening user experience
  4. 4.) Digital signage allows for multiple layers of information for observers explore – exposing more information than a trifold presentation or a simple pamphlet
  5. 5.) Advertises that your company is staying up to date with newest technology



So when packing up to present at your next convention, trade show or job fair, don’t forget your interactive digital signage!

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