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Using Multiple Templates to Create a Workflow

Posted On October 10th, 2017 By Muriel Rus

Packing too much information onto one screen? Pixels are free!

Create multiple templates to develop a workflow and make information easier for viewers to read.

Let’s look at types of templates:

  1. HR: Company events, important announcements, special visitors, holiday reminders, health & wellness reminders, updates on insurance changes, company workout schedules
  2. Safety: Safety reminders, emergency alerts, weather related information, days since last accident counter, videos of production processes, safety videos, shift notes
  3. Social Media: Live streams of latest Instagram and/or Twitter posts, ability to update your Facebook status
  4. Production Dashboard: KPI Data, company production stats to-date, business intelligence integration, price and stock alerts
  5. Menu Boards: daily specials, standard menus, prices, upcoming holiday gathering information


  1. Once you have your templates identified, you can design and brand them for their specific content.

  2. For example, the safety template could feature caution tape or a traffic cone.  A menu board might include images of menu options.  Templates can then be scheduled to play based on the amount of content they have.  One template can play for 30 seconds, then another for a minute, and then one for three minutes..etc.


Multiple Templates: Home screen

Multiple Templates: info board


Use several types of templates to help create a workflow for those who are maintaining the software.  This gives viewers a clean and professional presentation of information.

For more information about our design services and how you can get help with building better templates, check out our content design page, here.

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