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Posted On February 11th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

The age-old debate of “form” versus “function”.  We want something that’s beautiful, AND functional.  When it comes to interactive digital signage, this becomes even more important to understand how UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) works hand-in-hand to create effective signage.

When walking up to a kiosk, we want the aesthetics of the signage (User Interface) to catch the user’s eye and draw them into interaction with the kiosk.  User Experience comes into play when they progress through the signage – pagination, next/back buttons all create ease of navigation that allow users to access different “layers” of information held within the signage.  Effective User Experience lays information out in ways that make the most sense, as well as eases navigation throughout the sign.

Below is an image that adequately represents the UI/UX concept.  Think Heinz ketchup bottles – the plastic squeeze bottle (left) is user friendly, while the traditional glass bottle (right) is beautiful.  One is highly functional, but not as beautiful, while the other is classically beautiful, but difficult to use.  UI/UX seek to combine the best of both worlds for design solutions.

Image courtesy of Techitic Solutions
Image courtesy of Techitic Solutions




So remember, if you’re looking to improve or revamp your digital signage, both UI and UX should be considered!

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