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A Theme…It’s a Good Thing

Posted On June 9th, 2017 By lbucklin

The flexibility of Digital Signage is wonderful but often underused.  Too often content is just reproduced from print.  This approach just joins your content with all the other visual clutter competing for a viewer’s attention. Create a theme for content that will help viewers understand what type of content they are viewing. 

For example; a yellow and black border for construction announcements or a blue background for safety notices.  This will “train” the viewer that the display is not just pumping out a stream of random stuff.  They will understand that each thematic treatment of content has a purpose and is a benefit to them. 

TIP:   Treat it Right! 

Add Themes to your content.  Help it make sense to the viewer. 

For more information on Themed Content, click here.


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