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The New Wrigley Field

Posted On June 11th, 2013 By admin

The Chicago Cubs have been around since 1914. Wrigley Field has virtually been unchanged in the last century, but owners are beginning to realize that there has to be a change. Although they had the 10th highest paid attendance in 2012 (out of 32 teams), they realize that they are missing out on higher attendance and increased revenue every season. Being at the historic Wrigley Field is an amazing ballpark experience in itself, but being the last Major League stadium without a jumbotron (or very large signage system) makes the owners question if they are approaching the financial side of things correctly. Every season, MLB teams bring in millions of dollars in revenue from their jumbotrons. These digital signage systems attract sponsors, give fans up to date statistics, show videos in between innings, replays, and also allow the fans to interact with events and the infamous “kiss-cam”. The Chicago Cubs have calculated that they could bring in close to $5 million in extra revenue every season if they install a jumbotron. The renovation process is currently in the beginning stages, but by the 2014 season, Cubs fans can expect a new look at Wrigley Field. This renovation project proves to show that digital signage is beneficial for not only the financial side of the business, but also shows the fans and customers that it is about them and the experiences they have as well.


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