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Return on Your Investment with Visual Communications

Posted On April 19th, 2017 By Brigitte Bucklin

I’m often asked by potential clients for information about what can be expected in terms of ROI when implementing Digital Signage in their organizations.

Having spent a few years in the corporate world, reviewing reports and sitting in more meetings than I can count, I do believe adding Visual Communications to any organization is a valuable asset.

Ask yourself, how much time is being spent each month by staff to generate essential reports?  Once the reports are completed, is the data being delivered to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner?  Reports quickly become stagnant when using traditional methods of exporting data and compiling all the information into a usable format.  In today’s digital world, we can quickly and easily pull live data from the internal systems you already have in-place and deploy that KPI data in real-time directly to dashboards throughout your network.

Thinking outside the box – Digital Signage goes beyond Lobby Displays and Breakrooms.  Lobby signage is great for welcoming guests, telling the company story and highlighting products.  Lobby displays can also be used for signing in visitors and staff, wayfinding and can even be set up as a virtual receptionist in areas not attended by staff.  Breakrooms and employee entrances are a great place to keep employees up-to-date with HR related information, safety and company events.  Now for going “outside the box” and getting that ROI – Regardless of industry, when you start to deploy Digital Signage Dashboards into areas such as Production, Sales, Accounting, Support, Customer Services, Call Centers and others within your company, you begin to maximize your ROI as you give viewers a clear understanding of what is occurring in real-time.

Incorporating your KPIs onto Digital Signage Dashboards is a great way to utilize your resources so you can identify, prioritize and make decisions based on real-time data, in real time – thus saving time, money and providing the Return On Your Investment (ROI).


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