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Proof of Concept: Digital Signage Software Testing

Posted On August 17th, 2017 By Brigitte Bucklin

Establishing a digital signage Proof of Concept for software testing prior to purchasing can help avoid costly mistakes.

Proof of Concept Requirements:

Work with all project team members to identify and understand your organization’s digital signage and communication needs.  What do you want to accomplish with digital signage?  What communication problems or challenges need to be solved?  Who’s the audience, or end-users?  What departments will be contributing data and information?  Will you be connecting to a SQL database, or other live data sources?  Does the digital signage software need to support interactivity with touch screen displays?  It’s also important to consider your organization’s future digital signage and communication needs.  One of the biggest errors often made when purchasing digital signage software and hardware is buying into a solution that can’t support your content requirements.

Digital Signage Budget:  

A digital signage budget needs to be established and you can often find the funds already built into existing financial resources.

Time-Frame:  Establish a workable time-frame for testing digital signage software.  The success of any software review depends on allowing sufficient time to review the application.

The Vendor:  Digital signage test criteria should not be developed by the vendors. Vendor-supplied criteria is designed to make the vendor’s software look good and may not meet your business requirements.  Your vendor should be encouraging you to test the digital signage software in-house.  After all, if the vendor is confident in their digital signage software’s ability to perform and has a high rate of success, they’ll be eager for you to test the software.

Be prepared:  Most vendors will give you a list of requirements for a digital signage testing environment and having the hardware properly configured prior to implementation will lead to a meaningful evaluation of the software.

Finally, have fun testing and learning how to utilize your digital signage software.  Kick the tires and get feedback from everyone.

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