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Manage it or outsource it?

Posted On January 28th, 2015 By lbucklin

Often while consulting for a customer prior to deployment, I get a question about the time and resources it takes to run a visual communications (digital signage) network. Customers eventually get past all the features and really cool usage stories and it dawns on them that someone in their organization has to be responsible for the overall administration.

We saw this happen years ago with the internet evolution and today, many medium to large companies have departments with staff dedicated to running their online presence. Smaller companies have at least one Webmaster position to operate the website and social media.

A typical digital signage deployment can serve many masters within a single organization. A front-of-the –house approach for the public in lobbies, etc. A back-of-the-house network for employee communications and a production system to display data can all be incorporated under one operational banner. But how to administer it? Each of them may need different admins to operate the respective digital signs efficiently. At the very least, several staffers have to be trained and allot a portion of time to keeping the system updated and fresh.

There is another alternative that more companies are taking advantage of. Outsourcing! Companies for years have identified efficiencies and cost savings that come with having an outside effort manage a portion of the operation. Everything from security to HR functions have been “staffed out” to experts in their fields. Digital signage is no different.

Think about it, no training of staff needed. No staff time needed to perform what can sometimes be tasks unrelated to their main job description. You don’t need to be vulnerable to the administrator’s schedule of vacation timings.

Other positives are better response times. Better looking content and most importantly, more interesting communications which will invite more attention and that’s exactly what you want.

There are many hybrid arrangements to support most any customers outsource needs. Examine yours and have an expert make some recommendations for improving your visual communications network.



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