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Interactivity with Multiple Language DS

Posted On December 18th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

Walking through the streets of NYC, a person can get a small glimpse of just how big the world really is – hundreds and maybe thousands of different languages, all representing unique cultures and unique people.  Though English is the predominate language in the USA, there are many other languages that are widely spoken including Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Vietnamese, German and Korean to name a few.

In today’s competitive marketing, making sure you reach everyone in your audience, not just English speakers, will widen your spectrum of potential buyers.  Interactive digital signage with multiple language capabilities is one way to reach a wide audience of consumers in a fast and easy way.  Our interactive digital signage is capable of being programmed to translate into multiple languages.  Our RSS feeds can pull information from any internet source to feature the latest news and information from around the world.

Benefits of interactive digital signage with multiple language capabilities:

  1. 1.)  Opens sales up to new business markets
  2. 2.)  Opens lines of communication with non-English speakers that competitors aren’t taking advantage of
  3. 3.)  Cuts company costs as consumers can answer questions in their own language instead of needing a translator
  4. 4.)  Decreases that amount of time it takes to have questions answered by consumers
  5. 5.)  Allows consumers to interact in their own time and on their own comfort level


Sign translates to: “WELCOME…We hope you enjoy your stay!”











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