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Integrations. That’s what it’s all about these days.

Posted On May 5th, 2017 By lbucklin

Integration can take many forms. The most common is live data linking.  Creating a structure that allows a visual display of data coming from sources like SQL databases, spreadsheets and other familiar data points.

Many organizations have spent a lot of treasure on gathering data from various sources.   You can have ‘right – time’ updated information, using ‘internal and external data sources’ to surface ‘lagging and leading indicators’ and / or ‘KPI’s’.  Using dashboards and trend charts to make data fun and easy to consume across the width and depth of the organization’s teams.  Whew!

That’s the perfect world. Reality is often a bit different.  In cases where not all employees work at a desktop all day, it may be challenging to serve the data in a manner that helps staff to keep the mission, vision & values of the company top of mind.

Business Intelligence is the hot new term for data consumers and it has created a new need to visualize data in larger formats. Of course, the web-based dashboards work fine for what they are designed to do, but you may need to think bigger!

Think of a large array of video panels in an office or factory area that’s displaying dynamic visualizations of specific data points. That data can now be “behaved” so that consumers are only presented with information that is important at that moment in time.  They don’t have to study and make decisions about the data because the display system is presenting only the stuff they need, when they need it.

For example, if a C-level airline executive walked out of his office and the social media dashboard on the wall was displaying something like this:

He might be inclined to call a meeting real fast to find out why social media was blowing up about something involving his company. The above example is something called a Word Cloud.  It’s one of many ways being used to visually behave data from a business intelligence integration.

Digital Signage has been the workhorse for data visualization. Multiple panel installations in a gang or single displays at individual locations allow rapid data deployment across an enterprise.  Internal visual communication has become the norm and business intelligence has made it more necessary than ever.

If data is worth collecting and analyzing, display it big!

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