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Important Factors To Consider For Deployment And Management

Posted On August 10th, 2011 By admin

During the deployment of your digital signage network, you’ll need to plan for content creation and ongoing management of the platform. Many network owners and operators postpone these decisions until their launch. The result? Blank screens devoid of content and an unprepared project team.

Content can be created in-house or outsourced to a third party, such as advertising agencies, advertisers (if you’re selling ad space), or brand owners. If you create it in-house, you can save time and effort by using flexible templates that recycle your creatives.

Online maintenance and management of a digital signage network can often be outsourced to a software-as-a-service provider. Some providers will also handle your network’s content. When this is the case, the responsibility of the venue owner is limited to logging into an online interface to control playlists and broadcasts.

Other key factors include determining screen locations within a given venue, compatibility between software and hardware, and connectivity issues. You’ll also need to map out a strategy for creating content – even if you’re working with an ad agency – that prompts a response from your audience. This response might include motivating them to purchase a specific item, request more information, or simply to use a given feature of your DOOH platform (e.g. wayfinding).

Digital signage can produce impressive results in a variety of environments as long as it is focused on well-defined goals. Too often, venue owners and network operators lose sight of the objectives for which the investment was originally made. The screens become mere entertainment outlets rather than part of a broader strategy for lifting sales, delivering key information, or improving brand awareness. In such cases, the opportunity is wasted –  an unfortunate circumstance given how effective a digital signage solution can be if leveraged properly.

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