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Illuminating Higher Education

Posted On July 9th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

higher ed signage

Imagine how digital signage could change your classroom experience – for both professors and students, digital signage makes communication clear, effective and relevant.

Present Information:  Professors often present many different forms of information –from notes for lectures, to graphs or video clips.  Digital signage streamlines different sources of information, pulling from Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, Google Docs, and more into one place. This eliminates the problem of converting information into PowerPoint’s, and thus saves time as it allows notes to stay in their original format.

Live Data: One of the biggest advantages to digital signage is its ability to present live data.  If you’re teaching an economics class, imagine how easy it would be to set up a simple sign with the daily stock market values feeding live onto the screen.  This is invaluable in terms of presenting real-time numbers as well as its ability to lessen prep time for professors.

Interactivity:  Digital Signage allows for students to be more involved in the classroom.  QR codes can be scanned from the screen and lead students to supplementary information.  Apps such as “PollEverywhere,” create instant polls that allow for more student/professor interactions and suddenly you are getting answers from every student, instead of one.  Checking for understanding just got easier! This interactivity encourages students to use technology in healthy ways to aid in learning instead of just texting friends during class.

Maximize Down-Time:  With digital signage, professors can pre-program information from the syllabus to run on certain days and times of the weeks and months to come…Imagine setting up your semester in the summer and never having to write a reminder of a test or quiz on the board!  Digital signage can be set up to run before and after class so important information can always be available with the least amount of work.

Emergency Alerts: In the case of emergencies (For example: storms or violence affecting the campus) slides can appear that would alert everyone.  This system is the quickest way to communicate with students instead of relying on email.

Instead of fighting technology in the classroom, embrace it using digital signage to stream information seamlessly from anywhere in the world to your classroom.

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