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Expanding your DS Network

Posted On January 8th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

It’s a new year – it’s time to re-examine your current digital signage network.  Is your digital signage network working for you or against you?  Perhaps you’re running out-of-date PowerPoints that are stretched across your screen – it’s painful to imagine.  Our digital signage network offers lots of ways to seamlessly pull information from different places effortlessly!

Maybe this New Year your company is expanding and would benefit from an interactive wayfinding sign. Maybe you’re starting to see the need to run Apps or you’re looking for thoughtful content to run on your signage network.   With the increased worldwide use of social media, our social media adapters are sure to draw a crowd.

Let your digital signage work for you for this year – call or email us today for a FREE demo!


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