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Designing Hospital Digital Signage for Healing

Posted On June 22nd, 2011 By admin

Consider this possibility: Digital Signage can make hospital patients happier, healthier and heal faster.  In a recent article on Sign On San Diego, research shows that environmental elements can help produce more positive outcomes in patients.  Digital Signage is commonly used in hospitals and healthcare centers.  The screens are typically used as a way finding tool, and for communications between staff, patients, and guests.  Although the research in the article focuses on design elements in hospital architecture and design, the same strategies and design ideas can be applied to Digital Signage – increasing the amount of positive patient outcomes even further.

Designing Hospital Digital Signage for Healing


Serene Color Palette and Art

  • Using soft earth and ocean tones you can lower patient anxiety levels while improving mood and promoting relaxation.
  • Art depicting landscapes or ocean scenes can be more calming than abstract art.

While designing backgrounds and other Digital Signage content elements for hospital signs, make an effort to use soft neutral colors.  Harsh tones such as red and black can create anxiety and a negative environment.

Reduced Noise

  • A quiet environment is key in a hospital – patients who experience better rest and less stress can have a speedier healing process.
  • Minimal noise can also aid in staff performance – resulting in fewer medical errors.

Keep the volume down on your Digital Signage, or completely off.  If choosing to use sound, select calming voices and relaxing tones.

Connection to Nature

  • The experiencing of nature has been associated with the lowering of blood pressure and stress hormones, and the absence of nature can increase levels of anxiety and depression.

If you are unable to take patients out to nature, bring the calming powers of nature to them through Digital Signage.  Include images and videos of trees, grass, flowers and flowing water to distract and soothe patients.


If you’d like to learn more, or need assistance in creating calming healthcare Digital Signage, contact one of our content creation experts here.

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