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Deploying Digital Signage On A School Campus – Part 2

Posted On August 24th, 2011 By admin

Departmental Versus Campus-Wide Management

A digital signage network can be managed at the department level or at a higher, campus-wide level. Ideally, schools will deploy the architecture in a way that lets them leverage the advantages of both approaches.

At the department level, content can be created, managed, and broadcast across screens located in specific areas of the school. For example, students and faculty within the science building would receive messaging relevant to that department (e.g. class schedules). This provides flexibility to design customized content that caters to a targeted audience.Digital Signage On A School Campus

At the same time, campus-wide messaging is also important. Students, faculty, and visitors need access to general information regardless of their location. This information might include emergency broadcasts, details regarding special events, and interactive maps and wayfinding functionality.

The two methods of managing the digital signage network can coexist easily. When necessary (i.e. in emergency situations), campus-wide messaging can supersede local, departmental control.


Integrating Mobile Applications

Digital signage messaging can – and should – extend beyond the confines of the large screens positioned throughout a campus. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular for broadcasting important signage content to students and faculty. Most people on school campuses own mobile devices, and are likely to carry them on their person throughout the day. When critical, time-sensitive details are unlikely to reach every student and teacher through the DOOH network, the information can be broadcast to their personal devices. This helps to ensure as many people as possible see the message.

Deploying a digital signage solution throughout a school campus poses unique challenges that require special consideration. The effort is worthwhile. A DOOH platform can deliver significant advantages to schools over traditional print media.

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