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Create A Digital Dashboard & Improve Organization

Posted On August 29th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

Looking for a way to organize data for your digital signage? Consider creating a digital dashboard.

With the endless possibilities of digital signage, organization is key.  Saving time and file structure is essential to ensuring your digital signage projects are easy to change and manipulate.  If you think of the space on your signage as digital real estate, you can organize your information according to what’s most important. Create a social media dashboard to stream your business Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds that results in all information is one place.  Create special icons or backgrounds for each social media application and have different content rotate in the same region to keep content updated and fresh.

ConnectedSign created such a digital dashboard for a private high school.  We used the same space on the signage to rotate Instagram and Twitter feeds.

So how can you use your digital signage space creatively? Consider designing your own digital dashboard today!

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