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Bring Digital Signage To Your Tradeshow!

Posted On September 2nd, 2015 By Muriel Rus

Packing flyers, pamphlets, paraphernalia and maybe even a bowl of candy if you’re lucky….and you’re hitting the ground running for your company’s annual trade show.  Why not bring digital signage along with you!  Effective digital signage can add a plethora of pizazz and dynamic information to any static trade show set up as you raise the level of visual communications for all of your potential clients.

Digital Signage Tradeshow

With digital signage at your trade show booth, you can…

1.)    Bring motion and an extra voice to your static display of information which helps draw eyes and ears to your display
2.)    Create a variety of interactivity for users to engage with – from business numbers to fun facts, interactivity puts the power at the clients’ fingertips
3.)    Showcase your company’s most recent work with easy to update content
4.)    Link to live data and real time statistics
5.)    Showcase QR codes to access more information through handheld devices
6.)    Allow people to engage with your booth through human interaction as well as electronic interaction – whatever the client is more comfortable with!

See how your business can bring digital signage to your next trade show – increase your static display in a dynamic way – contact us to schedule a demo today!

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