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Boost your Fundraising

Posted On July 2nd, 2015 By Muriel Rus


Many businesses and organizations host fundraisers throughout the year. Digital signage will increase awareness about the fundraising events by pulling information together from multiple places into one seamless source of information. Whether it’s advertising beforehand or showing information the night of the event, digital signage can help your efforts be a success!

Show Inspirational Footage – Fundraisers are held to promote a cause, raise awareness and sponsor an event.  Often people have a vague idea about where the requested funds would be allocated, leaving questions about if their contributions would be going to waste. However, with digital signage, testimonials by those in the organization could help donors understand how their gifts could lead to powerful and long lasting change.

Display Live Time Data – One of the most practical advantages to having digital signage is its ability to link to live data.  As fundraising progresses, live data can be pulled from a word doc, excel file or a number of other types of files to show real-time financial progress.  With real time data on a screen and a countdown to the fundraising event deadline, potential donors are more accurately aware of need.  QR codes can be featured for users to scan with smartphones and be redirected to more information about the organization or event.

Promote Auction Items – Whether you’re having a silent auction or live auction, digital signage can promote items to your public audience with speed and accuracy.  Photographs of auction objects can rotate on a sign and if an object was dropped from the list or added to the list, changes can be updated through the live feed so that bidders are more aware of availability of items.  On the night of the event, winners of auction items can be digitally broadcast to save stage time for important keynote speakers and recognition of honored persons.

Show Sponsor Information– Often a bulk of money raised for a fundraising event comes from corporate sponsors.  Instead of printing a business advertisement in a program that can often go unnoticed or get thrown in the trash, offer to give the corporate sponsors airtime on eye catching digital signage.

Whether you’re advertising in the weeks leading up to the event, or making the event run smoothly, digital signage will help your fundraiser be a success.  Digital Signage will increase awareness of need to potential donors, leading to an overall increase of giving towards your fundraiser. After your event is over, the digital signage can display any and all information for your business or non-profit and continue to advertise for your company.

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