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Back To School

Posted On August 20th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

It’s back to school time – perhaps move-in-day and freshman orientation will begin this weekend for your university.  With students arriving from around the state, country and perhaps the world, a big college campus can feel overwhelming.  College freshman and transfers have to navigate a swarm of academic buildings, dorms and lots of new faces as they acclimate themselves to a completely new place.  Static signs can often help to point the way to a building, but what if meeting rooms change? Or what if parts of campus are shut down for remodeling?

Back to School Student

At ConnectedSign, we’re here to help your college or university feel more like home to students and visitors alike.  Our interactive digital signage helps lessen the unfamiliarity of a new place by pointing people in the right direction, informing people of upcoming events, showcasing eating options around campus with up-to-date menu options, and showing directories of staff and professors.  We specialize in creating user friendly signage that can help answer any and all questions that someone might have as they step foot onto a college campus.

Contact us today how we can help make your university feel more like home as we take the questions out of the equation and give you the answers you need.

ConnectedSign Interactive Signage

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