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A New Consumer

Posted On August 14th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

It’s been said that Generation Y and Z is the “DIY generation.” From smart phones to mobile devices, this new generation is marked with a need for knowledge at their fingertips and a high desire to find information on their own schedule.  Thriving technological advances, with an individualistic consumer curiosity has created a dramatic shift in the retail experience.


Instead of stores focusing on personable customer service interactions or using large, static, colorful advertisements, stores have started putting a focus on catering to individual needs by installing interactive customer service displays like touch screen kiosks. By placing interactive displays throughout a store, patrons can peruse merchandise on their own time and approach devices that have a similar look and feel to their own mobile devices.  This increases consumer comfortably and brings stores more patrons as it seeks to serve the needs of the current generation.

Stores are also targeting consumers through social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with calls to action like: using particular hashtags, “liking” products or stores, or tweeting about a recent store experience to increase online awareness.  Discounts or giveaways can be paired with these social media initiatives, which in turn boost the users’ desire to interact with stores.

With the digital presence rising in stores, are you giving your patrons what they want – the power to answer their own questions, in their own time and space?

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