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4 Advantages for Effective Digital Signage in the Workplace

Posted On June 17th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

We’ve all seen break rooms that look like this… handmade signs strewn across a wall and a poorly made PowerPoint running on a screen in the background.

Without the right knowledge, good tools are being put to waste.


Here are 4 advantages to having effective digital signage in common areas of a workplace…

1.)  Widely Inform:  Digital signage brings a lot of information from multiple resources to one place.  Templates can pull content from different locations to host up-to-date information about:  meetings, company or department trainings, wayfinding maps for large or confusing spaces, and host directories of relevant information.

2.) Quickly Alert:  Employees or customers can be alerted quickly of anything from natural disasters to business meetings and everything in between.  One of the nice features of digital signage is it can host live news and show live social media feeds.

3.) Save Time & Space:  Effective digital signage eliminates excess printing costs as it pulls information from multiple databases (Word, Excel..etc) instead of each document having to be printed or written out by hand.  Having information streamlined into one source creates a cleaner working environment free of unnecessary visual clutter.

4.) Easy to Maintain:  Information can be changed/added/removed easily and then set to a specific running schedule according to days of the week or certain times.  With basic training, anyone can learn our user-friendly software.


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