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10 Ways Healthcare Digital Displays Can Be Used

Posted On December 19th, 2013 By admin

ConnectedSign offers interactive healthcare digital signage for both interior and exterior architectural environments. Our digital signage solutions are designed to enhance the hospital or clinic experience by guiding visitors, patients and staff effectively and efficiently to the right place at the right time while promoting the facility’s brand identity. Digital information boards allow facility staff to customize content to suit the organization’s needs and change it as needed. Popular content displays include calendar events, service promotions, donor recognition, on-site services, and health information.

10 ways healthcare digital signage can be used:

  • Stream news from healthcare websites and other media portals
  • Event promotions for conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, and workshops
  • Scheduling
  • Facility site maps/way-finding
  • Emergency notifications and alerts
  • Service promotions for departments/clinics through on-screen advertisements
  • Retail promotions for gift shops, cafeterias, and pharmacies
  • Opportunity to sell advertising space to service suppliers and vendors
  • Display date, time, current weather, breaking/top news
  • Staff and department directories

4 advantages of healthcare displays:

  • Scalable systems can grow along with your facility
  • Industrial grade displays that can run 24/7
  • Changes to interior design and department locations are easily updated and reflected through on-screen content. Room schedulers are ideal for frequently used conference rooms and continuing education meeting rooms
  • Flexible and efficient- quickly and easily display critical information such as emergency alerts, breaking news and weather alerts via web-based information portal. Customized to suit your facility’s physical environment. They’re available in horizontal and portrait format, can be enclosed in free-standing monoliths or even integrated into existing walls.

Whether you need an external display, a video wall or a touch screen solution, ConnectedSign can develop a healthcare digital solution that meets your functionality and aesthetic needs. In addition to digital signage, we can provide modular and custom interior and exterior signage solutions to complement the digital displays for your facility –

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