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It Just Makes Sense . . .

Posted On May 26th, 2017 By lbucklin

The single biggest content mistake is asking the displays to do too much. Put simply, most content is way over populated with data.  It seems the print world has migrated to the digital signage display.

Whether it’s a retail deployment or a corporate communications system, too much small text and too many zones are the enemy of clear communications. Especially when creating business intelligence dashboards.

Many content managers do not take advantage of the displays ability to change its layout completely. They try to fit too much into a single screen.  That being said, you also want to avoid changing frequently for no reason.  A good instructional designer looks at the attributes of information and can then compartmentalize it accordingly.

For example: Urgent information has the attributes of impacting everyone and has a time component. Important information impacts everyone and does not have a time component.

Today’s digital signage software makes it easy to do all this. Managers just need to apply a few basic guidelines.

TIP:  Examine your information!

Inventory your information and then prioritize it. Put it on paper and make sure it makes sense to others.

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