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Design Tips and Tricks for DS

Posted On October 4th, 2016 By mrus

When starting to design digital signage or content from scratch, it helps to keep these simple ideas in mind…

  1. 1.) Start with an awesome color palette! If you’re not working off of a pre-determined color palette, go out and find a color palette of your own.  There are lots of tools out there such as Adobe Color Chooser, Coolors, and ColourLovers.
  2. 2.) Keep fonts simple. Limit how many fonts you use to 1, 2 or at maximum 3. Choosing a basic font and pairing it with a script font will help keep styles consistent throughout your design.  Too many fonts can start to create a visually “messy” look.
  3. 3.) Reference inspiration: Keep a reference file on hand of designs you like that could visually inspire your work. Sites like Pinterest,, and gather tons of visually stimulating designs and inspiration.
  4. 4.) Leave blank space: Learning to leave blank space is necessary for eyes to “rest” within a design…if you try to overload the space with information, viewers will most likely walk away with an overloaded head full of information. Less is more.
  5. 5.) Keep everything in line: Use grid lines to line up your information – and keep consistent formatting across a platform – if you’re going to align text to the left, keep it that way throughout your signage.
  6. 6.) Have fun!


Ready, set…design!