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Sprucing Up Your Signage for the Holidays

Posted On December 15th, 2016 By Nicole Vidana

With any digital sign, content is always key. Now that the holiday season in full effect, it is a great time to add some holiday cheer to your signage. With these quick tips, tricks, and resources you can easily change the look and feel of your display.

Implementing festive colors and decorations adds holiday cheer and generates interest. Images are always a great way to focus attention on specialized messages. Photoshop is an awesome tool to use to help add that extra flair. DigiFacts can be used to display fun facts about particular holidays.

Morale boosters are great within any company. Whether, it is holiday contests, party events, end-of-year projects, pulling from Live Data you can keep your holiday festivities updated in real time. Integrating social media offers the viewer to see a live feed of your holiday Instagram photos, Twitter and Facebook posts. With Live Data, you can also update weather statuses and office closings.

Sprucing up your signage, especially during the holidays, amplifies jollity to the viewer and adds a certain merriment to the location of the display. Remember, have fun with it, and from all of us here at ConnectedSign, Happy Holidays!