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Solutions by Industry: Hospitality

Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality

For hotels, conference centers and other travel destinations, providing great visitor experiences isn’t just nice to do—it’s at the very heart of your mission. When visitors miss out on critical information or can’t find their way around, you lose business. Connected guests enjoy better experiences, use more of your facility and buy and spend more on amenities and services.

Isn’t it time you connected with your guests?


Hotels and other destinations are using digital signs to:

  • Provide responsive maps and other important navigation assistance
  • Promote spas, pools and other on-site amenities
  • Post menus, specials and restaurant hours
  • Provide tableside ordering
  • Generate revenue from advertisers
  • Share weather, local news and other live content
  • Connect guests with transportation and other local services
  • Event schedules – daily events
  • Post check-in and check-out times and other announcements



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Digital signage at The Eden Resort

The Eden Resort / Kiosk: Hardware, Software, Content

ConnectedSign Holiday Inn
  1. Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre

/ Lobby Digital Signage: Company TV

Hospitality Success Story

Read our featured Case Study below to find out how ConnectedSign was able to address The Eden Resort’s digital signage needs. Click on “GET A FREE TRIAL” to discover how ConnectedSign can help your organization as well!

The Eden Resort
Connecting with Hospitality
Lancaster, PA
Digital signage at The Eden Resort
Digital signage at The Eden Resort
ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at the Eden Resort
ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at the Eden Resort
The Result

Integrating with their Delphi Sales and Catering software, the ConnectedSign system automatically feeds current events to their various readerboards without any employee interaction saving time and money while making sure their information is always up-to-date.