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Energy & utility

Energy & Utility Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Energy & Utility

Mission critical, real-time data visualization is essential to utility providers. Screens that display and behave data from various sources allow for fast response to important events. Flexible solutions that allow a provider to change the Digital Signs when certain conditions occur like “Dark Sky Days” making an operator’s information workload much more efficient.

Isn’t it time your facilities got connected?

Digital signs can help Energy & utility providers:

  • Adaptable Video Walls
  • Trigger content changes for fast response scenarios
  • Arrange data from multiple sources for easy understanding
  • Engage staff with better communications
  • Emphasize safety with video and high-impact graphics
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and achievements
  • Share weather and other local information
  • Post emergency notices


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Energy sign

ConnectedSign / Energy & Utility: Hardware, Software, Content

ConnectedSign / Energy & Utility: Hardware, Software, Content

Energy & Utility Success Story

Read our featured Case Study below to find out how ConnectedSign was able to address their own digital signage needs. Click on “GET A FREE TRIAL” to discover how ConnectedSign can help your organization as well!

Interactive and Dynamic Signage
Energy sign
The Result

An effective Visual Communications network that is aiding staff and improving business performance.

  • Multiple intelligent dashboards track KPI and other information
  • Enterprise-wide communications has improved
  • The entire fleet is connected and informed
“Digital signage as both information gathering point and system-wide reporting method has proven to be valuable.” -