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Have a question, curiosity or digital sign conundrum? Check out our FAQs section below for some common digital sign questions and answers.

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What sets commercial screens apart from consumer screens?

See 12 facts that differentiate commercial screens from those in your home.

What do I need for my digital signage project?

Three pieces are necessary for any digital signage project. The first is hardware, which includes the displays, mounts, players, etc. The next is the software, which allows you to create and broadcast the final element—content. Content is the most important part of digital signage and can include live data, video, and nearly any file type.

What types of content can you display on a digital sign?

ConnectedSign’s software allows you to utilize most content types, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, media files, images, live data, RSS feeds, and live TV.

Can digital signage be used outdoors?

Yes! Digital signage is being used outdoors in a variety of forms from electronic billboards to wayfinding kiosks. Protect your screens in LCD enclosures for use in low temperatures and glare in the natural sunlight.

Why should I invest in software training?

ConnectedSign’s software is easy to learn and use, but a basic thirty minute training session will provide you with all the information you need to start building your sign — best practices, tips and tricks, and workflow process. We can also provide in-depth training for those who are interested in the advanced features.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

Digital signage allows you to display dynamic, eye-catching content of practically any type without any of the hassle associated with print signage. You can quickly and easily make changes to content and even schedule updates ahead of time. Digital signage can be tailored to any industry and assist viewers through advanced features like wayfinding and interactivity.

How often should content on digital signage be updated?

This depends on several factors, including the purpose, location, and audience of your digital sign. Content should be kept fresh and updated so that it is always relevant. You can schedule updates to your content ahead of time and schedule content to play only at selected times.

What are the benefits of interactivity on digital signage?

Interactivity allows you to provide viewers with information tailored to their needs and interests. They can access building and staff directories, product information and catalogs, or video content — anything your users need.

Can digital signage play live TV?

Yes, digital signs can broadcast local and national television channels on either a portion of a screen or the entire screen.

Can screens be split into sections to display different content?

Yes, screens can display content full screen or be split into multiple zones and play a different piece of content in each.

Can digital signs rotate between portrait and landscape orientations?

ConnectedSign offers commercial screens that have both landscape and portrait orientation capabilities. Most consumer screens, however, can only be mounted for landscape orientation.

Can I use screens I already have?

ConnectedSign’s software can be used on screens you already have or on the non-proprietary commercial-grade screens we offer. But most consumer screens do not have the same capabilities as commercial screens.

Who should update and maintain the content on digital signage?

The scope and purpose of your digital signage project should determine who will update and maintain content. If signs will be used to broadcast information to employees, Human Resources should be involved. Marketing should take the lead if your signage is meant to inform customers of promotions. Some projects may call for various people and departments to coordinate on the creation and maintenance of content.