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Winning the Internal Communications Game with Digital Signage


Small, medium, and large companies are seeing the benefits of investing in digital signage software. Increased exposure, stronger messaging, faster communication, more visually appealing information, expanded safety precautions, and powerful emergency announcements are some of the many ways digital signage can empower companies and inform their audience

Visual appeal is apparent in many avenues of life. After all, YouTube videos are accessed millions of times a minute and Face Book Live is used just as much. People love and respond to visual prompts.

That’s why digital signage software can help you win the internal communications game.

Employees across various positions, companies, and industries react positive to messaging shared through digital signage software. In this modern world where there are dozens of messages fighting for attention, memos, texts, and emails are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Maximizing productivity, inspiring creativity, and creating employee buy-in for new ideas and changes is less challenging when the leadership shares messages with digital signage.

Here are 5 of the most important, but not the only advantages of using digital signage software for internal communications with staff.

Increases Employee Communication

As we mentioned above, emails are becoming less effective. It’s astonishing when you talk to certain employees and hear they receive 100, 150 or 200+ emails every day! How can that person get anything done with that amount of emails pummeling them all the time? Unfortunately, emails are many organizations’ answer to the internal communication game. But it’s not a winning answer.

Instead of stressing out and desensitizing employees with emails, digital signage approaches internal communication in an entirely different way. Using visual content like videos and graphs, leaders are able to share important information about the company, its performance, changes, and expectations in a format that will actually resonate with the employees. Upcoming events like trade shows or webinars, and ongoing contests can be announced and followed with digital signage.

Another way digital signage software boosts internal communication with employees is that it…

Expands Team Collaboration

Sometimes it seems that employees work in silos, rarely talking, brainstorming, or sharing ideas. Emails do little to disrupt this status quo. This isn’t great, because humans are naturally social creatures.

Digital signage software has the capability to increase team collaboration. Add a gaming feature to interact with each employee or run a contest and put the employees into teams. Everyone will watch the screens for an update on who is in the lead. Highlight cross-departmental projects and give updates on product roll outs and promotions. Be creative in sharing information that will get employees talking to each other in a positive way. You may be surprised at the great ideas that are born from this.

In addition to team collaboration, companies must always fight low morale and employee stagnation. Digital signage for internal communication…

Encourages Staff Engagement

It’s a well-researched fact that a disengaged workforce costs companies big money in lost productivity. Just a small percentage of employees being disengaged can be the difference in a business thriving or dying. Digital signage software can be instrumental in helping employees stay engaged with their jobs.

Use digital signage to announce additional training opportunities, workshops, webinars, and any other way the company invests in their employees. Again, use visuals on the screen to create excitement and spur attendance (something that and email will never accomplish). But all the messaging doesn’t have to be about work. Digital signage can also encourage knowing more about each other by announcing birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and births on the screens for all to see. In addition, company perks like pizza lunches, casual Fridays, ice cream breaks, and other ideas can be shared via digital signage. All of these build up to give each team member a better sense of belonging and involvement than they had before.

Strengthen Company Culture

Driving workforce engagement helps build a flourishing company culture. A rich culture is a big reason why employees stay, why job applicants want to be hired, and the reason some companies still have their doors open.

Encourage give back programs like food drives and blood donations, offer up a few hours off to build a community playground, or create a teach-a-child to read program. When employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves they are more productive and effective at their jobs. This is especially true of the Millennial generation.

A sense of community within the business can be built by using digital signage to create powerful internal communication channels.

Manage Performance

Finally, it’s vital for everyone to be aware of and understand where the company is in terms of the goals, and where it is headed. Rows and columns on a spreadsheet buried in an email is probably never getting opened, and it definitely isn’t getting digested by most employees. The visual aspect of digital signage comes to the organization’s rescue yet again!

Being able to use screens to prominently highlight progress toward company goals and progress on key performance indicators is essential in gaining buy-in from employees. Graphs that show the progress on company initiatives, revenue, and new product pushes are more powerful than it would be to describe it with words. It’s easier to absorb visually too. Dashboards that are able to be viewed remotely are also integral since a large number of people are working from home.

When staff is more aware of the important company numbers, they tend to feel more a part of the bigger picture and will work harder to see those numbers increase.

Being able to seamlessly and effectively share internal communication with staff doesn’t always mean emailing them dozes of times a day. Using digital signage software, company leaders can share data and news that builds their employees into happier, less stressed, more satisfied team members. Adopting this strategy now can increase productivity reduce turnover, and create a stronger, better adjusted company ready for the future.