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How You Can Use Digital Signage Software for Human Resources


There aren’t many more critical elements of a successful business process than strong communication. Human resource (HR) departments are responsible for dispersing key information to employees daily. This sometimes feels like an uphill battle, because there are many obstacles to creating and maintaining strong communication channels in today’s workplace. For global companies, multiple languages can be a barrier. Different shifts and various facility locations can also hinder HR’s efforts. And we can’t forget that our employees most likely are thinking about their friends, families or what’s on their social media pages and not paying as close attention to our messages as they should be!

Are you looking for ways to improve your company culture while effectively communicating your company’s goals and values to your employees? Digital signage software can assist you.

Here are 9 powerful ways HR can use digital signage to forge greater connections with employees and strengthen the workplace culture.

Create a Cohesive Corporate Culture

Every person in a company should be privy to the company’s overall goals and know where they fit into them. HR can use signage as a tool to share information about new goals, reminders of current ones, and updates on how close the company is to hitting those goals. This knowledge will help employees see they have “skin in the game” and help them stay focused on the big picture, which builds cross-departmental bonds.

Advertise Job Openings

High-performing employees are frequently the best source of filling open positions. Make them aware of the open positions in your company through digital signage software. You may even decide to offer a referral program with cash or prizes and showcase these promotions on the screen several times a week. Mining current happy employees for referrals saves money on advertising and decreases time to hire. Being able to award employees for recommending a job seeker increases their feeling of being part of the solution and increases their morale.

Communicate Company Safety Standards and Days Without Incidents

Using digital signage for an important protocol like safety is a smart best practice. If keeps safety in the forefront of employees’ minds, it can be communicated with attention-getting graphics and it can highlight hitting safety goals and days without incidents. During an emergency, employees who have been consistently exposed to safety practices can react appropriately and hopefully, decrease the level of injury during accidents.

Emergency Alerts

Unexpected news, upheaval, or weather events may require fast dispersion of information, and digital signage is one of the best tools to use for it. Broadcast these pieces of communication across the office or plant floor so everyone is sure to see them, unlike an email or memo. Most times emergencies need to be conveyed quickly and digital signage gives HR a way to do that effectively. Fast, efficient communication can help decrease the level of emergency, decrease or avoid injury, and give employees time to prepare for dealing with the emergency.

Health and Wellness Tips

Companies have a vested interest in encouraging healthy habits like eating right, managing stress, and exercising regularly. Sharing tips on digital signage about wellness-from meditation to healthy smoothie recipes, helps employees remember to take care of their bodies and minds. Healthy employees are more productive and less likely to miss work, which helps the company stay productive and profitable.

Benefit information and updates

HR must keep up with employee benefits like health insurance disability, and retirement. This means they must proactively share changes, deadlines, and options. In addition to the traditional methods of imparting this information (meetings, emails, mailing documents), HR should also employee digital signage. By supplementing other communication with digital signage messaging, employees can remember deadlines and stay on top of their benefits better than before.

Training and education

Games, videos, and other visuals can be shared on digital signage to help enrich employee experiences. Focus on company history, specific product knowledge, or tips to increase efficiency. Being able to “soak up” education at their own pace helps employees become more educated on their jobs and business, which builds loyalty and accountability. Over time, these exercises help keep morale up and employees engaged.

Keep Company Goals Top of Mind

As mentioned earlier, all employees need to focus on the broad goals the company sets forth. Their direct supervisors play a role in encouraging this, but HR has their part to play, too. Digital signage gives HR a sounding board to list company goals across branches cities and even countries to that every employee is exposed to the same messaging. When employees work toward a single goal, the likelihood’s greater that it will be hit and surpassed. An additional benefit is that it forges a sense of camaraderie, a “we are in this together” feeling that is a bit advantage in keeping a company’s culture strong and viable.

Reinforce the Core Values of Your Company

A company whose employees don’t rely on the guidance of core values may fail and company culture can weaken and become less relevant. Digital signage software can minimize the chances of this happening. HR can use the core values in messages regularly, so everyone stays aware of what the company stands for and the values that represent it. Listing the core values in a visually pleasing way, showing videos of employees talking about how they see core values exhibited in their co-workers, and top management quotes about the company’s core values are all creative ways to use digital signage to keep them in front of every employee.

Human Resource professionals must handle many interactions, announcements, and changes with and on behalf of employees. There are challenges in conveying information effectively, and keeping employees focused on the most important aspects of their role in the company. With digital signage as a tool for HR, communication and confidence improve, and the overall workforce stays happier and more engaged.