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Absolute Must-Have Features for Enterprise Digital Signage

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Deciding where to allocate your company's budget is challenging. It's obviously important to weigh your purchases and get the most return on investment (ROI) for your dollars. Choosing signage software is no different. Your digital signage needs are driven by a variety of components, one of them being your company’s size. Enterprise companies typically need more “bells and whistles” available to them than their smaller counterparts. The plethora of available features and their benefits can get overwhelming, so it will benefit you to narrow down your list. Here’s our recommendation list of the absolute must-have digital signage features for enterprise organizations.

Multi-Dimensional, Customizable Experiences

Customization is essential in achieving true digital signage success, especially for enterprise businesses. Your company may be trying to reach dozens, or hundreds, or different types of customers, employees, patients, or visitors. A one-size-fits-all methodology is going to perform in a sub-standard way. By creating a unique, engaging experience for individuals in your audience, they can digest your content, move through the process, and be pleased with the experience of interacting with it. Rich graphics and multiple communication options combined with tools like hands-free interactive kiosks, games, forms, and downloadable apps fall under this umbrella. Don’t skimp on customizable features during your purchasing process.

Dynamic Integrations

Being able to format your digital signage technology means you’ll have the ability to change information like data and other important messaging quickly. Find a solution that works with the digital systems you already employ or plan to invest in new ones that seamlessly integrate. A powerful integration network will save time and increase your enterprise’s digital signage efficiency in the long run.

Robust IT Management

IT will undoubtedly play big role in implementing and maintaining your digital signage software system, so you want it to be friendly to them. Three key features they will love are:

  • Remote troubleshooting. Being able to make changes remotely is important for enterprise organizations. Your solution should include the option to remote in to run checks, troubleshoot problems, or make changes as needed.
  • Proof-of-play reports. Informative reports detailing how many times and when people viewed your messaging help manage the overall content messaging of your communication efforts. This makes it possible to maintain control of even the largest networks.
  • Advanced user roles. This allows different users to be assigned specific user permissions so that they only handle the tasks they are qualified to perform.

Plug-and-Play Flexibility

Even gigantic enterprise companies appreciate simplicity. Why spend a ton of time and man hours on a rollout if you don't have to? Your best digital signage choice will be the one with the most flexibility. Let’s face it, with branches all over the country, or the world, there will be needs for some that are different from others. Being able to use the system In addition, being able to change content to push out emergency messages is another example of helpful flexibility. Having an easy set up and options that provide you with multiple ways to easily implement the system for what you need it to do should be a top priority feature.

Scalable Opportunities

Enterprise organizations may have several hundred digital screens on their system. They may also be growing and expanding and know their needs will be changing over time. A scalable management feature gives you a way to remotely manage all the screens easily.

Changing permissions, downloaded apps, and adding updates should be able to be performed quickly. This keeps the cost to use low, and the technology and content fresh. This also means that adding digital signage to your system is also easy to accomplish.

Top Notch Security

It’s critical that all systems are secure and off-limits to those who would try to breach. Your digital signage platform falls into this category and needs to have strong protections in place. Some of the most important safety features are:

  • Single-sign on support. Allowing users to log in with the same password credentials every time eliminates the need for the system to store a large number of passwords for every little system component.
  • Dual-authentication. Checking each user through a second channel dramatically minimizes the risk of a breach.
  • User roles. Different assigned roles can keep proprietary or private data off-limits to lower-level users.
  • Password policies. Uniform password requirements and periodic password expirations reduces the chance of your data getting into the wrong hands.

Simple Display Management

We understand that large companies are sharing their messages via digital signage with potentially thousands of people. It can be challenging for enterprise businesses with complex needs to keep track of numerous networks with extensive ongoing content. Your best choice of digital signage software solution offers a way to wrangle this formidable task. Being able to remotely manage every display as if you are only operating one is essential if you want to get the most out of your system and maintain your messaging across all channels. Single source access to your entire network of screens cuts down on the time it takes to manage your display system and increases your ability to get your messaging out to every member of your audience.

Unlimited Playlists

Pre-scheduled content that’s loaded in advance is the foundation of a successful, efficient digital signage strategy. That’s why unlimited playlists are a feature that made it on our must-have list. Creating and publishing playlists, being able to designate specific groups of users, and designating specific playlists across locations at certain times are all tasks that enterprise organizations need to be able to do. Playlists give you a way to target your playlists to the locations and people you want to see it at the optimum times.

Enterprise-sized companies face unique challenges in using a digital signage system and must demand specific features that can help meet their needs in an intuitive, simplistic manner. By understanding the must-haves of a digital software system, you can proactively search for and invest in a solution that serves your company well and meets your expectations.