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7 Ways HR Can Use Digital Signage to Maximize Success

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Information moves at an eye-popping speed, and communication in the workplace has never been more important than it is right now. Human Resource professionals should be constantly looking for new ways to share important information in an open, clear way. The challenge, however, is making sure employees see it, read it, and digest it.

That’s where digital signage can assist with the message. See our digital signage solutions for corporations.

Digital signage is a growing tool HR is using to impart information that’s essential for the organization’s well-being. A couple of its benefits are it’s easy to change, and it displays real-time information. Here are 7 ways HR can use digital signage to maximize success.

Promote Job Openings

With the unemployment rate at record lows, it’s challenging for HR to find strong talent to fill positions. It’s also true some of the best job applicants come from employee referrals. Using digital signage to advertise open positions is a smart move for three reasons.

  • First, it communicates openings to all staff, giving them the chance to apply for the open jobs, which helps increase morale and retain high performers.
  • Second, it benefits the company in mining good candidates from a source they know. After all, employees usually won’t jeopardize their reputations by recommending someone who is unqualified or inappropriate.
  • Finally, promoting job openings via digital signage saves time and money. By filling positions from employee referrals, HR places people in the open roles faster and without expensive ads on job sites.

Distribute Financial Information

Sometimes it’s difficult to make certain all employees are aware of and understand their financial options. A 401k and other retirement planning information might be intimidating, and the employee may opt for not thinking about it at all. HR can combat this attitude by using digital signage to announce open enrollment periods, changes in the plan, meetings with the company’s financial advisor, and other information that’s relevant to every employee’s financial health. In addition, it’s easy to promote participation in the available plans by announcing the total company enrollment percentage, annual return the plan produced, and other positive information that would be difficult to get in front of employees any other way.

Another topic that many HR pros struggle with communicating to company talent that digital signage can assist is…

Inform Employees of Health and Wellness Initiatives

Health plans, like financial plans, may change quite often and be difficult to understand. Digital signage enables HR to disseminate vital data to everyone with minimal effort. Announcing deadlines to enroll, changes in coverage, cost changes, and other information about the plan in general is one way. HR can also encourage employee wellness by announcing exercise classes, weight loss contests, gym membership sign-ups, and stress release classes. By driving participation in the health plan and wellness initiatives with digital signage, HR can more effectively and successfully communicate with employees to make certain they’re making their best decisions.


Encourage Positive Workforce Attitudes and Behaviors

Workplace safety is critical in achieving a positive, productive environment. By consistently communicating with employees, managers are able to encourage them to maintain high safety standards and understand the process of reporting any action or behavior that may hinder that safety. It may be an employee using a machine inappropriately, someone being under the influence of drug and alcohol, or employee conflicts that could escalate into violence

By using email, in person training, and digital signage, HR can feed employees a steady stream of information from safety tips to staying alert to seeing the signs of substance abuse. Catching these issues before they morph into bigger problems is key in maintaining a strong, positive company culture.

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Drive Home Company Goals

Sometimes, unfortunately, lower-level team members get so stressed out and embroiled in daily tasks and responsibilities they lose sight of the bigger picture, and what the company is trying to accomplish. Prominently displaying digital signage with periodic reminders of company goals offers a couple of key benefits

  • First, it helps employees re-focus on what is important and how they play a significant role. Maybe the reminders will spur them to ditch non-productive, time-consuming tasks for actions that do more to move the needle.
  • Second, company goals show each employee they are part of a larger plan bigger than themselves, which can increase job engagement. foster team building, and a “we’re in this together” attitude.

Announce Awards and Accolades

Human beings love recognition of a job well done. Some rank being recognized over getting a raise! Digital signage offers up a highly visible way to give kudos to top performers. Awards given monthly, quarterly, or annually can easily be touted on digital signage, as well as company-wide milestones such as the latest product development or large account coming on board. Announcing this type of information to everyone in the office keeps employees apprised of happenings outside their specific department and more in tune with the company as a whole. Plus, hearing about an award just makes everyone feel good.

Finally, one of the best accomplishments that digital signage can help with is to…

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Reinforce Company Core Values

As with company goals, many employees keep their heads mired in what’s due next, pushing the broader picture to the backs of their minds. This doesn’t result in the best performance. It’s essential to keep the company’s core values front and center of each employee, or they’ll lack clarity and purpose, and their performances will suffer.

Visual reminders help enforce behavior and attitude. While digital signage shouldn’t be the only evidence of a company’s core values, it can function as a valuable tool in addition to other exercises to promote and remind everyone about their importance.

There’s no doubt your employees are pummeled with more information than they’ve ever been. Cut through the noise and deliver what they need to know by using digital signage as one of the communication tools in your arsenal. The flexibility and ease of use of digital signage works well with other types of communications (email, inter-office memos, meeting announcements) to drive home important information and reinforce company culture. The result; a more informed, safer, more highly engaged workforce.