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7 Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

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In the concrete jungle, executives are far different animals than the other ones roaming the halls. They shoulder greater responsibility for the company’s success, must focus on broad, all-encompassing goals, and identify and address any errors or missteps as quickly as possible. A large portion of the bottom line and the company’s long-term viability depends on an organization’s executive team.

One of their biggest challenges is staying on top of the incredible amount of information available to them in order to make the smartest, most strategic decisions. Digital signage can help facilitate an executive’s efforts in a variety of ways and offer distinct benefits along the way. Let’s look at 7 effective ways to use digital signage for corporate communications.

Corporate Goals

It’s key for executives to keep the organization’s main goals at the top of their minds all the time. After all, they are the ones steering the progress, and if they lose focus, initiatives are likely to stall, or fall apart. By using digital signage, the C-Suite and other top-tier employees are able to visually see and mesh with the goals regularly. A single goal may be spotlighted every day or week, or all of them may rotate at all times. Either way, the broad company objectives being in front of them will proactively spur ideas in how to accomplish them and encourage the executives to remind their teams of the actions that need to be focused on to achieve success.

Financial Reports

Up-to-date financial information is one of the best proponents of informed decisions. Digital signage can be created that pulls from various reports to create an executive dashboard of the most important financial numbers and statistics. Top management can compare numbers, access customer spending patterns and trends, and pinpoint budget issues, areas of strength, and those that need improvement.

The dashboard can be creatively designed with graphics and charts that promote easy, quick absorption of lots of data, and can be updated in real-time to ensure executives are operating with the freshest, most accurate information available.

KPI Data

Consistently reviewing the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical to executives in measuring the productivity and success of their efforts. Instead of digging through multiple, cross-departmental reports and information, executives can take advantage of digital signage and have all the data in one place, at their fingertips, whenever they need it.

Simply set up the KPIs in a dashboard, and all relevant information feeds into it. Having instant access to important intel is integral. Last month’s sales numbers, the new product rollout performance, a major marketing campaign’s return on investment, and the amount of new business coming on board gives insight when it comes to making big, far-reaching decisions. With this plan, every executive has all the pieces of information and nobody is left out of vital communication about the company’s KPIs.

Another great advantage of this is that it’s a scalable plan, which is particularly important to organization’s in a high-growth mode.

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Data Dashboards

We’ve already touched on dashboards above, but they are worth mentioning in detail. Data is dull, boring, and mind-numbing to most people. But, toss the information into a visually pleasing format and executives can digest and absorb tons of data they can use to formulate plans and make decisions. With digital signage, dashboards can pull from various sources and timelines to build views that help executives manage their roles more productively and effectively. The dashboards are never out-dated like other forms of reports, so upper management remains aware of and informed about the information being shared. These are more likely to be read than emails that may languish unread in inboxes, or printed out and misplaced.


General Information

In addition to high-level information, digital signage can keep executives informed about internal information that helps them be better leaders. Employee birthdays and work anniversaries, important client milestones, emergency announcements, and event reminders are all examples of internal happenings that don’t need to be ignored by upper management.

Even topics like the weather report and traffic patterns can be shared with digital signage.

Relevant Local and World News

Executives need to stay on top of certain newsworthy events, and employing digital signage makes this easier than ever. Instead of wasting time scrolling around on a mobile device, a section of the executive’s dashboard can be set up to share news. Political announcements, stock market updates, local zoning information, and competitor press releases are all information that fits into this category. Staying abreast of happenings outside the company helps executives stay prepared for navigating the future.

Motivation and Encouragement

Even the Big Kahunas hit dry spots in their careers and need some encouragement now and then. Digital signage can be a vehicle to feed that need. A company’s Board of Directors or CEO can use the signage to announce outstanding work, visionary ideas, and other internal awards. Offering up recognition this way engages executives and increases motivation at the top-level, which is likely to trickle down to their teams.

Using digital signage to share words of encouragement periodically is also a good idea. A relevant quote or a reminder of the company’s mission statement are good examples. This way, all executives can be exposed to the same message, which keeps them on the same page.

While executives perform jobs that are different from other employees in an organization, digital signage can benefit them as much or more than other team members. The sheer amount of data that they are required to digest can be overwhelming, and digital signage can smooth that out and help them be successful. Digital signage offers several significant benefits to corporate executives such as apprising them of vital data, giving them internal information to lead more effectively, and motivating them to do their best. Putting them into play will make great strides in helping company executives stay informed, motivated, and focused, and lead the organization to reach its goals and increase its profitability.