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12 Ways to Amplify Your Digital Signage Usage In 2022

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Maybe your company has used digital signage software for several years, or maybe it just started taking advantage of the software's many benefits a year ago. Either way, it's important to continue examining how it can best serve your initiatives and bring you positive ROI. There are probably ways to use digital signage that you haven't discovered yet. Read on for 12 ways to amplify your digital signage usage in 2022.

Customer-Facing Usage

There are some powerful ways digital signage software can assist you in getting your audience's attention and creating a positive, memorable experience.

Wayfinding. Directing your guests, patients, conference attendees, or students where they need to go is a smart way to use digital signage software. Helping them understand where they are so they can easily plan their route empowers them and allows them to build a positive user experience.

Spotlight a product or service. Digital signage is a great way to share new product rollouts, discounts on a product or service, or get people excited about an upcoming product. Slick videos and catchy graphics that grab the eye and tell a story that buyers hopefully relate to. By using digital signage to further your product messaging, you can create greater product awareness, build sales, and increase your customer base.

Educate the customer. It's your job to share why your product or service is unique or special. Talking about the main benefits of your offering is easy with digital signage. Content that communicates the value they'll get by using your product creates interest. Giving evidence of how your product or service can solve a pain point is a smart way to use your content to assist your potential customer's in gathering data they need to make buying decisions.

Entertain your audience. This is a clever plan if you serve people who will spend time in a reception area or a waiting room. Display content that's funny and entertaining, positive and informative. With digital signage, you control the narrative completely. Make sure your brand is prominently displayed, but don't feel like you need to hit them over the head with your sales message. There'll be time for that later.

Blast industry-specific news. Using digital signage as a way to update your audience on the industry's hot news provides distinct advantages to your company. For example, if you're an auto dealer, you can showcase the new technology coming out in the latest cars. If you're a plastic surgeon, you can share how a new filler or procedure works. This type of messaging is a softer sell, rather than a hard-hitting, full-blown product promotion. Your audience may respond better to this approach.

Display ads. New revenue stream, anyone? Along with your entertaining content, place banner ads or other graphic ads beside or under your content. Complementary products or services that target the same customers as your would probably pay good money to get in front of a captive audience. Yes, your digital signage software has the ability to set up advertising, so you can increase your company's income stream.

Share social media. If you want to build up your social network, make sure to display your channels and encourage your audience to follow or connect with your company pages. Building a social media following is key in strengthening your brand awareness and reaching future customers. Set your content to periodically promote your social media channels, then sit back and watch your followers grow.


Digital signage also provides a way to promote and share information and data with company employees.

Communicate with employees. A strong company culture is built on successful communication. Using displays for announcements, congratulations, updates, and reminders help employees digest them much easier than a boring, one-dimensional sign or a dozen emails.

Reiterate brand values. Core values and mission statements shouldn't just be content on your company's website. Every employee should understand and relate their performance to them every day! Using digital signage to host reminders about these important aspects of your company is a smart way to keep them at the forefront of workers' minds.

Impart safety protocols. Safety is critical to the workplace and digital signage software can play a big role in encouraging everyone to follow safety regulations. COVID-19 is driving a wave of super-vigilant requirements like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing, and cleaning. Digital signage can display frequent reminders about this, too, so you can help avoid the spread in your workplace.

Share internal news. Company culture is vital to an organization and building it should happen every day. Sharing personal employee news like birthdays, work anniversaries, marriages, and babies give employees who may not work together often a chance to still know what's going on in their lives. The digital displays are also helpful in announcing company news like goals, bonuses, stock prices, new hires, and upcoming contests and rewards. Employees can absorb these announcements as they walk down the hallways or lunch in the break rooms, instead of having to read it in an email or on a poster. This type of information helps employees feel like they are part of the work unit as a whole.

Showcase project updates. Large product rollout or moving into new geographical market is a big deal and should be used to get employees excited about the company's growth. Part of your digital signage content should include periodic updates that answer the question "what's next" for the company. Keeping workers informed of the larger picture helps them share in the company's successes by being aware of the progress.

If you use a few of these ideas already, or you haven't implemented them yet, it's smart to consider whether they would have a positive effect on your customers and your workplace. If so, lay out a timeline of executing them and start writing the content to share with you audience!