Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

Connecting Your Remote Workforce

With the world continuing to transition into the "new normal" of COVID-19, coming back to work or school doesn't need to be so scary. Our software allows your remote workforce to be seamlessly connected to increase efficiency and promote a more positive remote work experience.

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All-In-One COIVD-19 Fighting Kiosks

Top features include:

  • Detect & Display Body Temperature

    High powered sensors detect a persons body temperature and displays the result on the screen.

  • Showcase Vital Health & Safety Reminders

    Add COVID-19 or other vital health and safety reminders to the screens. Point users to new workflow areas or make them aware of spaces that are temporarily off limits.

  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensing

    Fill the kiosk with any type of liquid, foam or gel hand sanitizer and have users wave their hand in the dispensing area to dispense the sanitizer. The kiosk will alert you when it needs to be refilled with more sanitizer.

Provide Health and Safety facts through Workforce Content

Workforce Content is pre-made content items that can be a great addition to add to your digital sign. These content pieces can help remind and inform clients and employees of important health and wellness facts. Workforce content is high resolution image files that you can drop into most regions of your digital signage and can rotate with other content items.

Samples of Covid-19 Workforce Content

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