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Our Story

Connecting with History

In 1993, before you could purchase integrated touch screens, the founders of ConnectedSign started a little studio that created high-end 3D content and custom-coded programming for touch screen kiosks. We had to pull the bezels off CRT monitors, place special grids over the glass and reassemble them just to convert them into touch screens.

One of our early successes was a little kiosk called the InfoStation. We would take it to major industry trade shows like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and PackEXPO and set it up alongside a monitor advertising the InfoStation’s capabilities (an early example of digital signage). Attendees could scan their badges at the InfoStation to watch videos, take surveys and order printed materials. Upon returning to their hotel rooms, they would find the materials they had requested already waiting for them.

Over the years we’ve grown dramatically along with the industry, but our focus has always been on using technology to push the envelope of service and communication. Back then, it meant a folder waiting on a hotel desk. Today, it means things like making the wait less stressful for a worried patient, helping harried families find the restrooms and carrying corporate culture into the 21st century.

That’s what connection means to us.

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