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Using Digital Signage for Meeting Rooms

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It’s time to leave whiteboard and paper scheduling systems in the past! Time is money and upgrading from traditional methods of manually updating meeting notifications and other events to digital just makes fiscal sense. Schedules change and utilizing Digital Signage allows you to quickly and easily tap into your Calendars and Event Management Systems (EMS) and display updated information in real-time. In addition to improving the meeting space reservation process, Digital Signage helps maximize the meeting spaces you have – consider these key benefits.

  • Real-time Updates: With Digital Signage you can display up-to-the-minute scheduling changes in real-time. Because the digital meeting room displays are connected to your company’s scheduling software, last minute changes are not a problem. Any changes made to the meeting or the room itself can be immediately reflected on the sign. If the room needs to be switched or there is a shift in the timing, everyone will be on the same page.
  • Economical: Meeting Room Signage is an economical solution as well. It’s often thought that technology is expensive. While it is true there are up-front costs, the overall savings exceed the initial investment. When you consider the cost of paper, posters, whiteboards and time lost due to the confusion created when meetings are changed. The ability to link-to and display information from your existing Calendars, EMS and other data sources in real-time does make Digital Meeting Room Signage an economical option.
  • Tracking Capabilities: Figuring out who participated in a meeting and how long they attended is key information for trade shows and conferences. Maximize each meeting by making certain there are not any no-shows taking up space. This can also be used to track attendees who are eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CEs), instead of depending on time-consuming, often-inaccurate sign-in sheets or badge scanners. Digital signage software offers tracking systems that determine this information and renders it into easy-to-read reports, effortlessly.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Workplace analytics help you discover exactly how spaces are being used. Find out which meeting rooms are most popular, and which are underused. Get recommendations about how many conference rooms your company needs, etc. Workplace analytics provide valuable insights to show you how meetings are impacting your company. It’s in everyone’s best interest to review the meeting analytics to ensure that time is well spent. With better ways to analyze the effectiveness of meetings, company leaders are empowered to learn and understand what works and plan even more productive future meetings.
  • Sharing Corporate Brand and Logo: Everything used during your meetings sends a message about your brand, which is why digital signage can be such a big advantage. Sleek and modern, it can tell a positive story about your company and the way you do business. Displaying your company name and logo in such a fashion lets you stay cohesive with the branding you already have in place, as well as make changes when you need to do so. It offers a more dynamic experience than a simple sign or printout, which helps your audience remember your brand longer and more vividly.
  • Wayfinding & Interactivity One of the biggest advantages digital signage offers for meeting rooms is a powerful wayfinding option. Digital signs set up in hallways directing attendees to the meeting they seek makes the experience more pleasant and less stressful. They can display a listing of available meetings along with the time and date of each one, if the meeting still has space for more attendees, and whether the meeting room is available or occupied. It’s even possible to add an interactive map that shows the user where they are in relation to where they need to go. Digital signage used to help with wayfinding is essential for large buildings as well as assisting attendees in getting around at conferences and trade shows. Additionally, with interactive touch screen displays meeting attendees can easily to find information on local restaurants and transportation schedules.

The flexibility of using a digital solution for meeting rooms is undeniable. There are a variety of ways it can be set up. Digital signage for meeting rooms serves up some exciting results for both the administrator and the end user. Four of the biggest ones are:

  • A more effective communication process. Digital signage software lets you design schedule layouts that pull event data directly from your calendars. You can also include interactivity for on-demand content, from wayfinding maps, to meeting agendas and more. The overall goal of most meetings is to share information in a way that keeps the audience’s attention, and in a format where it’s understandable and memorable.
  • A more robust user experience. To be honest, digital signage is uber cool and fun to look at. That, along with the ability to share information in real-time and offer increased interaction, makes the users’ experience more enjoyable. People who are not bored pay attention longer, absorb more of the message, and are more likely to report a positive experience. Digital signage software is the tool that makes this possible.
  • Greater control of the meeting space. Help your employees and visitors find their meeting or book a room on the spot. Digital room signs eliminate confusion by showing room schedules outside each door, and all calendar data is fed by your existing scheduling system.
  • Opportunities for cost reduction. Save money on printing costs that come from changing signs every time information changes. Reusable templates help keep money in the budget for other initiatives. Replace traditional signage plaques and paper schedules with wireless digital displays that can hang outside meeting rooms, training rooms, break rooms, offices & cubicles and other workspaces.

These are just a few benefits for using Meeting Room Digital Signage. If you’re looking to streamline operations and improve your corporate communications, this it’s time to take workplace to the next level with digital meeting room signage. Using digital signage software for meeting rooms offers a variety of unique advantages to both the company and the participant. From assisting with branding, to promoting a stronger user experience, to providing integral feedback on meeting analytics, digital signage has proven itself as an invaluable tool to add to your meeting arsenal.