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Protect Your Workplace with A Hand Sanitizer Temperature Sensing Kiosk

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Earlier this year, the global pandemic caused companies to move many employees to work-from-home environments, or they closed their doors altogether. As the economy opens back up and businesses across the country attempt to get back to somewhat normal functions, there are many considerations that must be made. A critical one is how to keep employees, customers, and visitors safe.

Digital signage software can be a valuable tool that helps share information, enforce safety protocols, screen visitors, and supply it in a contactless manner. Now there is a new tool that can be used along with digital signage or on its own. The hand sanitizer temperature sensing kiosk was developed to combat the spread of virus and maximize workplace safety.

This new tool offers several helpful features to companies that are attempting to add processes to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Easily Take Temperatures

One of the most common, and easily detectable, signs of COVID-19 is an elevated temperature. This tool can assist employers in keeping their workforce safe and mitigating the spread by identifying employees and other on-site visitors who have a fever. Using a temperature sensor, the device can measure a person’s temperature without having to touch their foreheads or anywhere else on the body. There are no cumbersome hand-held devices and don’t require manpower to administer them. The reading shows up on the screen rapidly, so it can measure a large number of people, fast.

Dispense Hand Sanitizer

A vital staple of this year’s pandemic is hand sanitizer. Luckily, we are not dealing with it being scarce like we had to do earlier this year. The Hand Sanitizer Temperature Sensing Kiosk dispenses hand sanitizer through a contactless sensing system. Choose from gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer, whichever is readily available in your area. It’s an automatic dispenser that is housed in a sturdy metal enclosing that can withstand high-traffic use.

Share Announcements

During this time of re-opening and getting back to business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to be able to share pertinent information as it comes available. The time that an employee, customer, or visitor is taking his or her temperature is a good one to display announcements. Share special rules set to keep everyone safe, reminders about special opening and closing hours, mandates on wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, and other pieces of safety information. You essentially have a captive audience, so they are more likely to read it here than if you post signs in other places. Plus, you can change it up often.

Showcase Advertisements

In addition to announcements, this device is helpful to be able to share promotions, discounts, special offers, and limited-time sales to the person waiting for their temperature reading. Customers, patients, and visitors can learn about ways to save money during their visit, and you can hopefully increase your company’s revenue at the same time.

Conveniently Fits Anywhere

Many places of business don’t have much room to spare when they are thinking of adding kiosks or other devices to manage the pandemic. This is especially true with everyone practicing social distancing and many of the two-way hallways now becoming one-directional. The good news is that the Hand Sanitizer Temperature Sensing Kiosk not only performs multiple functions that helps save space, it can be either set up as a stand-alone device or mounted to the wall. This give employers choices in how and where they add these kiosks so it works with the flow of the work site without causing lots of shuffling around and changing to make it fit.

Specific Beneficial Locations

Managers can set the kiosk up strategically to make certain it is in the path of the majority of employees and visitors.

  • Entryways. A smart best practice to guard against spreading COVID-19 is to take temperatures before allowing entrance to your facility.
  • Meeting Rooms. Before long meetings where people may be sitting close together and might remove their masks, screen the meeting’s participants.
  • Break Rooms. Check temps on everyone before they take their free time to hang out in the break room, or other public spaces.
  • Restrooms. Catching people as they leave the restrooms is a good time to screen them, as well as ensuring they use hand sanitizer before going back to work.
  • Between Departments. Minimize the risk of wide-spread disease by placing kiosks between departments to ensure safety.