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Digital Video Walls: Capture Your Audience’s Attention

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Want to make a good first impression?

The answer is yes, because we all want to create a positive experience for our customers, visitors, patients, or patrons.

One of the best ways to achieve a positive experience for our audience is by embracing technology to enhance our communication channels. Using technology to reach your audience and make your organization stand out is a clever way to share your message. Digital video signage is a next generation way of accomplishing it, but you don’t need to stop at one. Think beyond a single display and imagine telling your company story on a video wall.

What Is A Video Wall?

Video walls are large areas built with multiple display screens. The components can be different sizes organized in endlessly different ways. Together they form one large, cohesive screen to deliver your message to the audience you’re targeting. Video walls are a superior solution to a single screen (which we’ll discuss later in the article) or a front projector option.

The opportunities for video walls is almost unmeasurable. Use cases for digital video walls include corporate offices, lobby and reception areas, healthcare facilities, hospitality and event spaces, education, retail and more. They function well across all industries and within most buildings, and sometimes are even the superior choice outside! Whether you need to showcase your products and services in a big way or create a memorable experience for your customers, guests or employees, video walls make a memorable impression.


Why Digital Signage Video Walls Are Cool

  • People LOVE Videos. According to HubSpot, a leading marketing company, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brand or company they support. Video walls are a smart way to tap into this trend. Most people will choose a colorful, moving, crisp video over reading the same message any day. Companies can leverage this video-obsession by delighting the senses and giving their audience what they want in a huge video format.
  • Disrupting Differentiators. Setting your company apart from your competitors can be challenging. Using a video wall to convey your company message, new product launches, press releases, and other information can really differentiate your digital signage. The purpose of digital signage is to engage your audience with relevant messages. The more attention you can draw to your messages, the more effective they’ll be to help reach your goals. You can even share information that wouldn’t normally be shared with signage, such as detailed company performance and high definition graphs and charts.
  • Attention Grabbing…and Keeping. It’s a difficult task to woo people away from the screens of their smart devices to look at what you need them to see. Video walls are, by nature, prominent and eye-catching. Optimize your investment by placing them in high traffic areas to grab attention and reach a wider audience. The sheer size will be enough for people to be curious about it, and then they will be captivated by the messaging you want them to absorb. Such an all-encompassing wall is more of an “experience” than anything, which keeps the user interested longer.
  • They Promote Creativity. Video walls offer ways to share information that have never been available before. With the evolution of digital signage hardware, you can do some creative things with video wall arrangements. You don’t have to stick to small square screens anymore. Even though the most popular setup is still a large rectangle, your video wall can be as complex and creative as you want. Test out different sizes of screens or geometrical layouts. Visually shock your audience by refusing to deliver the status quo they’re used to.
  • Cost Effective. Yes, there are options to choose a single screen that is large and use it for your digital wall. However, multiple screens provide more ways to creatively share your message to your audience. With greater capability and a smaller price tag, it makes more sense to build a uniquely designed video wall with multiple screens and save money at the same time.
  • High Quality. Another reason to choose a video wall is the quality it provides to display the message you want to share. Dramatically large single screens don’t offer the crisp resolution that multiple, smaller screens provide. In addition, video walls tend to be brighter, so they look better in front of a window or under glaring lights that would make a single screen hard to view. Keeping visitors’ or employees’ attention is easier with sharp, detailed images.
  • Guaranteed Flexibility. One of the biggest advantages of video walls are the flexibility they provide. Instead of a printed sign or a single screen, digital video walls can be configured in any shape, share one cohesive message or a variety of messages simultaneously, and used in a wide array of environments. In addition, they can share almost any type of content imaginable, from text to numbers, to graphs, to videos and interviews. The sky is virtually the limit in using this tool to increase communication and maximize your branding with your audience.
  • Endlessly Entertaining. Consumers want to be entertained, and if they learn something in the process, all the better. Digital video walls can create helpful, interactive experience that engage people like no other messaging system. The size of the wall can help with navigation, offer game play, or share a plethora of other entertaining videos that forges a memorable experience for the user.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Video Wall

Your video wall will need special attention. A digital signage video wall will function as your centerpiece, so be creative and have fun with it. Test out content, play with optics, and change it up so your message will continue to pack a punch that snags viewers’ attention and doesn’t let them look away. By thinking carefully about where to place it, the configuration to use, and the messages you want to display, you can increase your communication effectiveness and widen your brand recognition.

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